Chelsea Vaughn stuns in black SavageXFenty lingerie

Chelsea Vaughn and Ivan Hall flirting in paradise.
Chelsea Vaughn and Ivan Hall flirting in paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Chelsea Vaughn flaunts her new ambassador partnership with Savage X Fenty and she is looking great. Making headlines not only in Matt’s season of The Bachelor but also stirring up some drama on Season 7 of The Bachelor in Paradise, Chelsea’s authenticity can’t be ignored.

From the moment she stepped out of the limo in her stunning gown to the jealousy she brought up in The Bachelor in Paradise between Aaron Clancy and Ivan Hall, Chelsea is the one to keep an eye on.

Chelsea was an intimidating contestant in Matt James’ season with her long legs, bright smile, stunning looks, and modeling career to show for it. Breaking outside of the beauty norms for The Bachelor as one of the few Black contestants, Chelsea trail-blazed a path for more women of color to join the franchise.

Bachelor scandals and firsts: diversity breaking through

The past couple of years have been full of scandals and firsts for Bachelor Nation with the exit of long-time host Chris Harrison, the first Black Bachelor, Matt James, and a trio of Black Bachelorettes, Rachel Lindsay, Taysia Adams, and of course, Michelle Young.

Chelsea breaks beauty standards with her buzzed hair and unfiltered photos- though she would never need to alter anything as naturally she is stunning — which is an important step forward for any reality TV show.

With recent Bachelors and Bachelorettes breaking racial barriers, the Bachelor franchise has done a deep dive into inclusivity, which is exactly what was being called for as we move into 2022.

Women are commonly portrayed as thin, busty blonds with bright smiles, long hair, and marketing degrees. Chelsea breaks out of this cycle with her edgy look that the fashion industry is hungry for, it is no wonder she is a full-time model signing with brands like SavageXFenty.

Chelsea is a strong advocate for self-love and body positivity as she flaunts her way through life in Brooklyn, New York.

Promoting unfiltered beauty, an honest approach to media representation

“I want to continue to embrace my raw, unfiltered, unedited, beautiful self. Because she is enough. And so are you.” She stated in her honest Instagram post 15 weeks ago.

It is this kind of attitude that makes her a perfect ambassador for Rhianna’s brand Savage X Fenty, which is also breaking through beauty standards much like The Bachelor. Rhianna is known for her fierce feminist views and slaying the music industry and with her new brand, everyday women can feel just as powerful as women making headlines.

With Chelsea as a new ambassador for this brand, the new line is very desirable -can we just say how great this line of lingerie is because it is empowering, sexy and, inclusive to all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities.

SavageXFenty caters to a wide clientele with sleepwear, bras, underwear, and lingerie for men and women of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

It is refreshing to see Bachelor alum paving the way for women to feel more comfortable in their authentic, unfiltered selves. Even though Chelsea didn’t win Matt’s heart, she has captivated the attention of the nation through her honest advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and standing up for what she believes in.

Although Chelsea has sworn to be done with reality TV, her fan base will continue to follow her journey as she flaunts her way through life after being on The Bachelor and Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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