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Chelsea Houska accused of using newborn to up her profits following Teen Mom 2 exit

Chelsea Houska on the Teen Mom 2 reunion.
Chelsea Houska is accused of using her newborn. Pic credit: MTV

Last week, Chelsea Houska welcomed her fourth child earlier than expected. Walker June made her entrance into the world on big brother Watson’s birthday.

But now, the former Teen Mom 2 star is being trolled about her use of her newborn to make some profits.

Because Walker June was born earlier than expected, there was no time to plan. Chelsea revealed she bought presets to take newborn photos, and that revelation came with a discount code.

Chelsea Houska gets slammed for ‘using’ Walker June

While the Instagram story Chelsea Houska used to post the code for the presents has since expired, Reddit users were able to capture it.

Not only did they capture the post, but they also ripped her to shreds in the comments. The biggest point was that Chelsea talked about wanting privacy for her eldest daughter, Aubree, as she enters the teen years.

Still, she is using her children to promote her brands.

Ironically, the debut of Aubree Says wasn’t met with rave reviews. Many fans slammed Chelsea Houska for price points on things including candles and throw blankets.

Was Teen Mom 2 exit a marketing plan?

Last fall, there were rumblings that Chelsea Houska was exiting Teen Mom 2. She reportedly announced it to her costars at the virtual reunion.

Shortly after news began spreading, Chelsea finally confirmed she was leaving the show behind. While the show made it look like the upped protocols and frequent COVID-19 testing were partially to blame, she revealed filming the show no longer felt right for her.

Following her exit from the show, she used social media to prop up her brand and market her line. From asking for advice on things she is thinking of trying and showing off her taste with her own home build, Chelsea continues to update social media.

Leaving Teen Mom 2 has drawn more attention to the reality TV star. Viewers have also flocked to social media to keep up to date with Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as they work on their new life and build their future.

Adding Walker June to the family has been a wild ride for them.

They found out they were pregnant during her final season on the show, and now, their new chapter is just beginning. Chelsea has shared several photos of her daughter, including some for promotional purposes.

This wasn’t the first profit Chelsea has made because of her children, and it likely won’t be the last.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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