Chelsea Houska gets real about her post-partum body, reveals if she and Cole DeBoer want more kids

Chelsea taking care of her children on Teen Mom 2, before her departure.
Chelsea taking care of her children on Teen Mom 2, before her departure. Houska revealed this is when she was self-conscious of her post-baby body. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska shared that she is proud of her post-partum baby body, and updated fans on her life raising her newest baby, Walker June.

In an interview with InTouch Weekly Magazine, Chelsea opened up about how she has felt bad about the way her body looks in the past.

Houska believes that this is because of unattainable beauty standards that force women to hate their post-pregnancy bodies, and she wants to use her platform to change that.

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Houska wants to be a role model for other moms

As a mother of four, Houska has gone through the journey of “bouncing back” many times. She confided that her body image issues affected her well-being.

“I feel like I felt so insecure after all my other babies. Just seeing other people’s bodies, it seems like other people just, like, snap right back and it was confusing,” Chelsea confessed.

According to Medical News Today, it is safest for the average woman to gradually lose 1-2 pounds per week after coming home from the hospital. But Houska feels that social media has distorted women’s self-confidence, and reckoned that they need to stop comparing themselves to these false images.

Houska said she feels like a lot of women are not happy with their bodies after they give birth; and that’s OK!

Chelsea's Instagram story, showing her baby belly from her recent birth.
Chelsea’s Instagram story, showing her baby belly from the birth of Walker June. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

“Just knowing that being appreciative of your body, and you know, everything it just did makes sweet little babies,” Chelsea said as she smiled off the newborn in her arms. “You can be appreciative of your body without loving the way it looks.”

This time with Walker June, Houska didn’t let these expectations get to her. “I felt confident and I feel like I know my body and like what the process it goes through it.”

Baby #4 brings Houska new challenges

The reality TV star has previously expressed how her post-Teen Mom parenting has been different than her on-screen parenting. Without the cameras being there to film her birth, Houska found that there was a lot less pressure.

Chelsea told her interviewer that Walker June had an unusually long labor time. Other than that, she reports that not much has drastically changed.

Houska is mostly dealing with the trials and tribulations of parenting a household full of kids.

Houska holding baby Walker June during her interview with InTouch. Pic credit: InTouch

“It’s definitely different having so much chaos going around and a newborn. You know, you can’t just like sit and soak in it all the time,” she elaborated.

Houska mentioned that finding a good work-home balance is important to her. She has been multitasking by holding Walker June during her Zoom meetings!

Chelsea then described how hectic is can be trying to get her huge family out of the house by a certain time.

“Getting everyone dressed and out the door and go to the bathroom and do this and this and in the car seats. It’s, like, stressful every time,” she chuckled.

Houska recalled her family’s hardest period; when every member of their household caught the same cold. She warned, “There is no sleep. There’s nothing, it’s just chaos.”

Chelsea’s husband continues to support her journey

Although there are some challenges, Chelsea’s husband of five years, Cole DeBoer, has been her rock.

Chelsea admitted that she and Cole are often too busy to schedule date nights, but they try to make as much time for each other as possible.

She ensured, “He always tells me I’m beautiful and makes me feel good.”

InTouch asked if Cole and Chelsea are open to the idea of having another baby.

“The plan is to be done. I mean, it’s hard when you’re looking at like a teeny tiny newborn,” joked Houska. “I think 4 is probably it. I’m 99% on that, but we’ll see!”

Teen Mom 2's flashback to Houska moving into her home.
Teen Mom 2’s flashback to Houska moving into her home. Pic credit: MTV

How is the rest of Chelsea’s family doing?

Houska’s little ones are absolutely enamored with Walker and have completely welcomed her into their lives.

Chelsea talked about how since COVID-19 guidelines did not allow her kids to visit her in the hospital, the DeBoer clan had a special first meeting at home.

Houska gushed that Layne and Walker have a special sisterly bond.

“Layne is obsessed with her and is like constantly rubbing her face on her head. And she is just so sweet,” Houska added. “Layne is absolutely glued to her at all times, like right up in her face.”

Chelsea posts adorable pictures of the kids all the time her Instagram, and she shared this tender moment:

Chelsea reports that Walker June is an easy baby and her personality is just plain “chill.” She explained that Walker “just kinda goes with the flow.”

Teen Mom fans are happy to see that Chelsea’s life is thriving after the show, and her Instagram followers are looking forward to looking at more cute baby photos. Houska’s former MTV costars have also been wishing the DeBoer family well.

Chelsea’s post-childbirth body journey is far from over, and she is going to use social media to continue to inspire other women just like her.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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