Chelsea Houska debuts new wallpaper collection and we can only imagine what Teen Mom 2 fans will say about it

Chelsea Houska during a Teen Mom 2 reunion
Chelsea Houska launches a new wallpaper line. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska showed off her new wallpaper collection for the first time, and we can only imagine what Teen Mom fans will have to say about it.

The recent business venture was born through her collaboration with the company Wall Blush. The Chelsea DeBoer Line is described as a combination of Chelsea’s “edgy” personality and prints representing her South Dakota roots.

Chelsea announced the line via Instagram stories on both her personal page and the page dedicated to her and husband Cole DeBoer’s new farmhouse’s renovation.

Chelsea posted a photo sitting in front of one of her designs with the caption, “YOU GUYS I’ve been obsessed with [Wall Blush] wallpaper designs and how easy it is to self-install and I’m SO EXCITED to announce I’ve launched my own collection with [Wall Blush]!”

The launch of the wallpaper line is the latest in Chelsea’s creative endeavors.

She currently operates her own clothing line called the Chelsea DeBoer Collection by LaurieBelles, the Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy, which sells “edgy” and “laid-back” products for parents.

She recently announced her home goods line Aubree Says, named after her oldest daughter.

Chelsea Houska debuts new wall paper line in her Instagram stories
Chelsea Houska debuts new wallpaper line in her Instagram stories Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

Fans criticize Chelsea’s products

It’s unclear how fans will react to Chelsea’s new wallpaper line, given how critical they’ve been of products she’s launched in the past.

For starters, fans had a lot to say about Chelsea’s “boujie” diaper bag she advertised as part of the Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy.

While they loved the design of the bag, many criticized the steep price tag. Several of the diaper bags were being sold for $184, with the smallest one costing $89.

The diaper bag wasn’t the only product that Chelsea got heat for. A lot of fans weren’t too impressed with the debut of her Aubree Says line.

Followers didn’t like the color schemes or the way Chelsea described the products on the Aubree Says Instagram page.

She wrote, “Building a cozy home for families of all shapes and sizes.”

Fans did not understand what she meant by the shapes comment and began to make fun of her posting it.

Chelsea takes heat for decor at new farmhouse

While Chelsea clearly has a passion for design and decor, her taste doesn’t always match her followers. Not only did they take aim at her diaper bag and home decor line, but they also wasted no time weighing in on her choice of decor for her new farmhouse.

Many fans did not approve of the black exterior and called the new home ugly.

Chelsea admitted that her new home is not for everybody.

She replied to one fan and said, “The whole point is that it sure isn’t going to be for everybody, but it is for US. I encourage people to make bold decisions they love and not worry about other opinions.”

Chelsea made it clear that she doesn’t let other people’s opinions stop her from making design choices that she loves. With the new wallpaper line launch, it will be interesting to see how fans react.

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