Check out Kim Kardashian’s long platinum hair after 14-hour bleaching process 

Kim Kardashian goes blonde.
 Kim Kardashian goes blonde. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian dyed her long dark tresses bleach blonde, and it took 14 hours to complete the process. The Kardashians star made the big switch for the 2022 Met Gala, where she wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic JFK Jr. dress.

Talk about committing to a role!

The reality TV star will surely share social media photos featuring her new aesthetic.

Kim Kardashian goes platinum blonde

Kardashian hairstylist Chris Appleton showed pictures of the grueling hair process that Kim Kardashian underwent before the Met Gala. Kim’s hair had to be carefully dyed over several hours in slow increments to minimize shock to the system.

Kim wore a black sleeveless bodysuit and waist-high pants in photos that showed off her new hair. Her dark outfit allowed her light hair to pop even more and provided contrast.

Her hairstylist wrote in the caption, “Blonde season is back.”

Kim’s hair is naturally dark brown, and hair must be bleached carefully, or it can all fall off. Kim expressed concerns about her hair falling out as well when she spoke to Vogue.

She told Vogue, “I did want a physical change, too, so I thought I would wait and do it for this, so I’m spending a day straight dyeing my hair—14 hours straight!—to get it done.”

Kim has experience with different looks, makeup, and wigs, but the bleach blonde is novel, even for her.

Kim Kardashian wears Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress

Kim Kardashian’s 2022 Met Gala look was a tribute to late icon Marilyn Monroe. Kim took Marilyn’s famous dress that she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy Jr. in, out of the archives. 

Kim lost 16 pounds to fit into the dress, and she lost the weight in only three weeks.

The reality TV star spoke to longtime pal Lala Anthony on the 2022 Met Gala red carpet, where she spilled the tea about her preparations for the event. Kim revealed, “And I had to lose 16 pounds down today. It was such a challenge– it was like a role.”

Because bleaching is so tough on the hair, Kim will likely rock her new tresses for a short while before returning to dark.

Just two days before, Kim made her red carpet debut with her boyfriend, SNL comedian Pete Davidson, at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The Hulu star is showing no signs of slowing down, and fans wonder what she will do next.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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