Celebrity Big Brother 2022: Episode 2 includes nominations

Miesha Tate HOH
Miesha Tate won the first Celebrity Big Brother 2022 HOH Competition. Pic credit: CBS

The second episode for Celebrity Big Brother 2022 is going to be an important one because this is where the house begins to settle and two people wind up on the block.

For any Big Brother fans who missed the first episode, here is a full recap of the season premiere, where the 11 new houseguests were introduced to the CBS audience.

MMA fighter Miesha Tate won the first Head of Household Competition, proving that she has the physical strength and mental toughness to do well this winter.

But with the power of the house comes the responsibility of nominating two people for eviction. It meant that after just meeting the other members of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, Miesha was tasked with turning against two of them.

Celebrity Big Brother 3: Episode 2 preview

The second episode for the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season airs on Thursday, February 3 at 9/8c on CBS. It’s great news that another episode is coming on so quickly, especially since the producers delayed the Big Brother live feeds by nearly 48 hours.

There are going to be two important facets of BB Celeb Episode 2, and the first one is to find out what was in that secret box that host Julie Chen Moonves was referencing during the first episode. It is likely going to give someone a secret power while also punishing someone else.

Someone might be able to be safe from nominations for an Eviction Ceremony or two, or maybe the producers have something special in store for the celebrities. Either way, the box was likely already opened since the season started filming last week.

Before the end of the night on Thursday, two houseguests should be nominated for eviction, with their only way to find safety coming from the Veto Competition. Since the Friday night episode (February 4) is two hours long, we expect the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony to be held back until then so that there is a lot of time to get through things.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 is going to be a quick season

Even though the first episode of the season was just shown on February 2, the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season will come to an end before February has concluded. That’s not a lot of time to get down from 11 houseguests to the final two people, but that’s also why Julie stated that two houseguests are going to get evicted each week.

Here is a breakdown of the first week of episodes, and that includes another episode arriving on Sunday, February 6, which will be a good way for Big Brother fans to finally catch up on what has been getting pre-taped over the past week.

For anyone who didn’t already know, the celebrities entered the Big Brother house about a week before the season premiere episode even aired on CBS. That allowed the producers a lot of time to get footage ready for the first few episodes, including this clip of Lamar Odom talking about his dreams of Khloe Kardashian.

Here is a full recap for BB Celeb 3, Episode 2 from February 3.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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