Cassidy Timbrooks slams The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and compares her situation to Salley Carson

Season 26 contestant, Cassidy Timbrooks slams The Bachelor lead, Clayton Echard following their group date. Pic credit: ABC

Executive assistant Cassidy Timbrooks received Clayton Echard‘s first group date rose on The Bachelor but things clearly went south by the evening’s rose ceremony.

After the revelation of a friends-with-benefits back at home, the episode ended with the former football player asking host Jesse Palmer if any previous lead had ever taken back a rose.

Since her experience on the reality dating show, Cassidy Timbrooks is speaking out about her alleged man back at home, and the 26-year-old also had some choice words for the Season 26 lead.

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Cassidy Timbrooks slams Clayton Echard and tells him to ‘f**k himself’

Captured by Reality Steve, the spoiler account shared videos from Cassidy’s Instagram stories that he described as “reveling in her villainy.”

In the first video shared, Cassidy talks about how men treat her like “s**t” but it’s “not for long.”

She continued to call herself entertaining and detailed how she thinks she’s “going to be a great influencer”.

“You’d buy anything I’m selling you right? Even if it’s complete s**t,” the Los Angeles native ranted in the clip. “Anyway, long story short. Go ahead and get on national television, men still won’t give a s**t.”

In the second video, Cassidy slammed the current Bachelor for attempting to give his first rose on night one to recently engaged contestant, Salley Carson.

“You were gonna give her a rose even though she was engaged last week, meanwhile I f*****d someone a few months ago and I got sent home,” the 26-year-old detailed. “I get the stuff that’s happening and go f**k yourself, Clayton Echard.”

Who is Salley Carson?

The premiere of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor didn’t start without its drama.

The medical salesman made franchise history after recently engaged contestant, Salley Carson rejected his first impression rose.

The 26-year-old Virginia native visited Clayton in his hotel room before the infamous limo arrivals on premiere night.

While initially, the spine surgery robot operator was hoping to get back into the dating game following her broken engagement, it was clearly too soon.

Also detailing that the filming of The Bachelor coincided on the same day of her intended wedding date, dating Clayton was not in the cards for Salley.

Do you think Cassidy Timbrooks has a point? Let us know in the comments.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Cassidy wasn’t wise to say she had “a friend with benefits” + is going back to him after the show. Bragging cost her the rose + a place on the show. Rightfully so. Some of the women don’t think before they speak. When she said “Victory” that was another indication that she was there to win, not for love. She’s immature + he’s got one less wanna be there. She’s very pretty but has some growing up to do.

1 year ago

There is a big difference in a broken engagement and having a friend with benefits! Cassidy is very immature and proved that in the way she acted on the show. That’s probably the reason she can’t find a boyfriend! She is attractive, but her attitude and demeanor made her look ugly!!

1 year ago

Cassidy isnt a very nice person to begin with and I’m not sure she would go very far even if this all didn’t come to lite. I will say there is a huge difference between a recent engagement breakup and what she is calling friends with benefits before she started the show. Sally has more emotional baggage l to get over then thaw nastiness of Cassidy. IMO