Gabby Windey talks Dean Unglert romance as she fights for Clayton Echard’s heart on this season of The Bachelor

Gabby Windey is competing for the heart of Season 26 lead, Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Gabby Windey is competing for Clayton Echard’s heart on Season 26 of The Bachelor but it’s her romance with Bachelor in Paradise star, Dean Unglert that viewers are curious about.

Setting the record straight with Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson on the Talking it Out podcast, the 30-year-old Colorado native opened up on the relationship she called “one of her first loves.”

Gabby Windey talks romance with Bachelor in Paradise star, Dean Unglert

Understanding that there is a lot of conversation in Bachelor Nation surrounding her relationship with Dean, the ICU nurse clears the air. She expressed, “I dated Dean, so like over 10 years ago. I think we were 18-19, so maybe 12 years ago now in college. He’s one of my first loves.”

“It’s a distant past from my experience on The Bachelor,” Windey explained later on the January 6th episode. “Clayton and I’s story, it’s very much its own thing. I’m almost really grateful that it was far in the past so I could focus more, you know, on Clayton.”

Despite their split, she still considered Dean a friend. “We both are really supportive of each other, he knew I always wanted to be a dancer. So he was really supportive of my career as Bronco’s cheerleader. He’s a huge Broncos fan.”

She continued, “Kind of like surface level, I support you, you support me, like no hard feelings.”

Also expressing that she’s happy for her ex and his girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes, “There so well-loved in Bachelor Nation as they should be, I’m so happy for him and don’t want anything but good things for the both of them.”

Who is Gabby Windey from The Bachelor?

The 30-year-old from Denver, Colorado made quite an impression walking into the Bachelor mansion with a pillow with Clayton’s face on it.

According to her ABC bio, the ICU nurse is “looking for a man with quiet confidence” but he must also make room “in their life for her four-legged friend.”  

Valuing a great personality, the former dancer describes that her ideal man “will challenge her, communicate his feelings and work hard to equally carry the weight of the relationship.”

Do you think Gabby Windey will receive Clayton Echard’s final rose on The Bachelor? Let us know in the comments.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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