Clay Harbor says cousin Andrew Spencer was in talks to be The Bachelor until they ‘went another direction’

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Clay Harbor talks about his cousin Andrew Spencer being the next lead of The Bachelor. Pic credit: @clayharbs82/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise alum Clay Harbor retired from The Bachelor franchise, but he’s still tuning in, in hopes of seeing his cousin and Season 17 contestant, Andrew Spencer appear as the lead of The Bachelor.

“I think he should have been The Bachelor, I mean, no offense to Clayton [Echard],” the former NFL player explained on the She’s All Bach podcast. “I think he [Andrew] could do it, he’s definitely up for it.”

Clay Harbor says cousin Andrew Spencer was suppose to be The Bachelor until producers ‘went another direction’

Standing by that his cousin should’ve been The Bachelor over Season 18 contestant, Clayton Echard, Clay opened up on how he thought Andrew was already set to be the next lead of the franchise.

“We thought he was gonna be The Bachelor, he did, I did, I thought it was in the books,” the 35-year-old explained on the January 6th episode. “They kinda went back and you know, went a different direction.”

He added, “I was really excited for him. I thought he would kill it. He would be an amazing Bachelor and I thought there was so many reasons he should’ve been.”

Adding that Andrew’s sense of humor would’ve been endearing to viewers, “It would be an amazing season because he’s got a big heart and he’s a funny guy.”

Would Andrew Spencer accept the job as The Bachelor?

As to if Andrew would accept the job as lead, Clay is confident he would.

“I think he could do it, he’s definitely up for it,” the Bachelor alum explained later in the interview. “He’s single, he’s looking.”

However, in the past, Andrew has expressed his doubts about taking on the highly coveted lead role.

In an interview with former Bachelorettes Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, when asked if he’d be The Bachelor, he responded, “After knowing all the stuff that goes with it, probably no.” 

He continued by saying, “I would love the chance to find a girl through that process. I would love that. But I hate everything that comes with it. I hate people deep diving into my life.” 

Do you want to see Andrew Spencer as the next lead of The Bachelor? Let us know in the comments.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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