Captain Sandy Yawn declares Below Deck Med crew firings ‘nothing personal’

Captain Sandy Yawn just happen sometimes,
There is more to crew firings than Below Deck Med fans see on-screen. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn has declared Below Deck Med crew firings nothing personal.

The captain has had her fair share of unruly crew members during her four seasons on the hit Bravo show. Captain Sandy has watched people quit, as well as fired a couple of crew members.

It is never easy losing a member of the team, even if it is justified. The reality TV star is getting real about personnel changes.

Crew firings are not personal

Captain Sandy fired her first crew member on-screen during Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean. Fans watched as chef Mila Kolomeitseva proved she was a disaster in the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for the captain to realize she had a situation on her hands. Even though Captain Sandy knew she had to fire Mila, it was not personal. The decision was professional and in the best interest of all parties involved.

The same season Captain Sandy was forced to let June Foster go when Anastasia Surmava decided to resume her position as a stew.

“This is not personal. You’re an amazing human being,” Captain Sandy told June and explained there was not enough room to keep her.

Not about her relationship with crew members either

Over the years, viewers have watched as Captain Sandy, and chief stew Hannah Ferrier have butted heads. The captain has threatened to fire Hannah more than once. There is speculation Captain Sandy makes good on her threat in Season 5.

Captain Sandy shared with Reality Check the turbulent relationships she has with crew members are also not personal. The decision to reprimand someone is strictly professional, even with Hannah.

“It’s really not about a relationship. It is, ‘Is Hannah doing her job.’ Right? What has Hannah done? For me, I’m there to support them. I’m not there to be their adversary. I need a team,” she revealed.

There is a certain level of service guests expect when paying for a luxury charter. One of Captain Sandy’s duties is to ensure the guests receive the level of service expected. It is one of the reasons the captain doesn’t consider herself friends with her crew.

While she is fond of many crew members she worked with over the years, like bosun Malia White, Captain Sandy doesn’t consider them part of her group of friends. She likes to consider herself a mentor and boss who is friendly with her staff but won’t necessarily associate with them outside of work.

Captain Sandy Yawn’s job on Below Deck Mediterranean is not easy, especially when it comes to firing crew members. She maintains it is strictly a business choice, not personal.

Do you think it is professional, or do personal feelings play a part?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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