Camille Kostek throws New Year’s Eve bash with Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D

DJ Pauly D on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Camille Kostek and DJ Pauly D hosted a New Year’s Eve party together. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio is back doing what he loves most this year and traveling the country as he DJ’s at various venues and nightclubs.

His job was put on hold for a while due to the pandemic but things have been back in full swing as of late.

He’s even had his girlfriend Nikki Hall along for the ride as she’s stood by him at nearly every show he performed in 2021.

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Pauly hosts several shows per week as he travels across the country and most recently on New Year’s Eve, he found himself in Tampa, Florida.

Not only was he throwing one heck of a New Year’s Eve bash, but he also hosted the party alongside Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek.

Camille Kostek and DJ Pauly D host New Year’s Eve bash

The two popular stars definitely know how to have a good time so it’s no surprise they’d be asked to host a party together.

Camille, who is known for her catchphrase of “never not dancing” was jamming along to the beats Pauly was spinning and shared several photos and videos to her Instagram stories to show off the good time they had.

Camille even had her own fangirl moment in one of the posts as she shared a photo of Pauly performing to a packed crowd.

She captioned the post, “My highschool [Jersey Shore] watching self would never believe you if you told her she’d throw a party with [DJ Pauly D] when she grew up.”

Camille Kostek IG story
Camille Kostek throws NYE party with Pauly D. Pic credit: @camillekostek/Instagram

She then shared a selfie of the two of them and another photo thanking Tampa for having them at the bash.

Camille Kostek IG story
Camille Kostek throws NYE party with Pauly D. Pic credit: @camillekostek/Instagram
Camille Kostek IG story
Camille Kostek throws NYE party with Pauly D. Pic credit: @camillekostek/Instagram

Pauly and Camille both looked like they had a great time and clearly loved hosting the party.

Pauly D recently purchased a new Rolls Royce

Not only does Pauly D love his job as a DJ but he’s managed to earn quite an impressive living because of it.

Pauly is the richest star of Jersey Shore Family Vacation with an estimated net worth of around $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

With the impressive cash flow he rakes in, it’s no surprise that he was able to purchase a new custom-made Rolls Royce.

Pauly's car
Pauly shows off new Rolls Royce. Pic credit: @djpaulyd/Instagram
Pauly's car interior
Pauly shows off new Rolls Royce. Pic credit: @djpaulyd/Instagram
Pauly's custom car
Pauly’s Rolls Royce is custom made. Pic credit: @djpaulyd/Instagram

He showed off his new ride in his Instagram stories and its features were customized especially for him in England.

Pauly added the vehicle to his already luxurious collection of vehicles and motorcycles. While he clearly makes an impressive salary, Pauly remains humble and one of the most beloved cast members of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Fans will have an opportunity to catch up with Pauly when Season 5 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres this week.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 5 premieres Thursday, January 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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