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Bruno Duarte recalls almost losing his leg on Below Deck, claims production did nothing to help

Below Deck: Bruno Duarte slams production after he almost log leg.
Bruno continues to slam Below Deck cast members and production. Pic credit: Bravo

Bruno Duarte recently recalled almost losing his leg on Below Deck and how production did nothing to help him out.

The Season 5 Below Deck alum continues to speak out regarding his time on the Bravo show. Bruno has not held back on how he truly feels about the show, especially his feelings towards Captain Lee Rosbach and former chief stew Kate Chastain.

Bruno got candid when he stopped by Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast to spill more tea on Below Deck.

How did Bruno almost lose his leg on Below Deck?

The deckhand recalled an incident involving him and bosun Nico Scholly putting up the water slide.

Fans are well aware that Below Deck crew members don’t like the slide. It’s a pain, and each season the deck team complains about the slide at least once.

Bruno shared the accident occurred close to the end of the charter season. The entire deck crew was exhausted, which didn’t help the situation.

“We were throwing the slide out the boat. I was stepping on top of one of those lines, which means that when the slide rolls out outside, the line goes with it. The problem is that the line caught my leg while the slider was going down,” Bruno explained.

There are two reasons Bruno didn’t lose his leg or, worse, get thrown off the mega-yacht. One was because of Nico, and the other was the way the slide hit the water.

Yes, the slide landed in the water in a way that gave Bruno time to free the line from his leg.

Bruno did get injured, though. The line burned his leg really bad. Plus, the deckhand was thrown against the yacht.

“It was so painful. And when the slide hit the water is when I got literally thrown against the inboard of the boat. So, if the slide continued unrolling, I would be literally chopped off from my leg, or I would be thrown overboard and break my neck, probably,” Bruno said.

Bruno claims production never broke the fourth wall

The cameras did not stop rolling amid Bruno’s accident. He admitted production did nothing to help because breaking the fourth wall is a big no-no on Below Deck.

“Whatever happens, happens. The guys have the orders that they cannot remove the camera for whatever is happening,” Bruno declared. “So, even if you’re dying, they’ll keep filming, unless like the cameraman is a human person and doesn’t mind losing his job. He will try to save you.”

Although breaking the fourth wall is definitely a big deal, Bruno did admit he wasn’t sure why production didn’t step in during his accident.

“The thing is, my accident was so fast, and you could quickly realize, okay, he’s going to be fine. I’m sure they didn’t help me because I was okay. I had the line, Nico helped me to remove the line from my leg,” he stated.

Bruno Duarte did not have a good experience on Below Deck. His latest revelation involves an accident that nearly cost him his leg.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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