Below Deck: Bruno Duarte spills shocking allegations about working with Kate Chastain

Below Deck alum Bruno Duarte has dropped bombshell allegations against Kate Chastain.
Bruno gave an explosive interview that does not paint Kate in a good light. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Bruno Duarte has spilled some shocking allegations about working with Kate Chastain.

The Season 5 deckhand didn’t hold back, dishing on several things regarding the Bravo show when he stopped by the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Bruno shared insight into working with the former chief stew that does not make Kate look good at all.

Oh yes, the Below Deck alum dropped some major dirt, and it has left some fans shook.

Fake Kate

Bruno was excited to work with Kate on Below Deck. However, immediately upon meeting her, he realized she was all about the character she created.

When the deckhand did get a small glimpse of the real Kate, he asked about her not being authentic. Kate not only shut him down but used it against Bruno.

He recalled her becoming very mean and miserable to him.

Kate knows how to play up the cameras. Bruno admitted that when the cameras aren’t rolling, Kate doesn’t talk to cast members besides Captain Lee Rosbach.

“She does not speak to you when the cameras weren’t rolling. She is just like, I have no interest in speaking to you as a human being,” Bruno said.

Yes, the former chief stew has a mean girl streak in her.

Dirty yacht and drinking while working

It turns out Kate was not as good at her job as Below Deck fans think. Bruno shared Kate only cleaned the parts of the superyacht The Valor that could be seen on camera.

“Kate only cared about whatever was above her waist. So, whatever was below our waist, because it wasn’t showing on camera, she didn’t care. The floor was disgusting,” Bruno shared.

Kate was far from a professional in Bruno’s eyes. The lack of respect she showed for the yacht and crew members was awful.

So much of the Kate shown on Below Deck allegedly has to do with ratings and creating an image. One jaw-dropping claim Bruno dished was alleging that Kate drank while on charter.

“I know for a fact she would drink while she was working. If you’re chief stew, you don’t mix Bailey’s with your coffee,” he spilled.

Bruno Duarte also claims Below Deck producers went out of the way to ensure that Kate Chastain’s job and image were protected. The show would have kept up the charade, too, if Kate hadn’t chosen to leave.

As for Kate working in the yachting industry outside of the Bravo show, Bruno admitted she “would never find a position.”

Kate never worked on other yachts when Below Deck wasn’t filming because of the alleged reputation she had off-screen.

Kate’s on-screen person was great for ratings and drama, which keep fans tuning in each week. Bruno insists that it wouldn’t fly in the real yachting world.

Wow, lots of information to unpack!

What do you think of Bruno’s allegations about Kat?

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