Bruno Duarte from Below Deck drops bombshell claim about Captain Lee Rosbach and wife Mary Anne

Bruno Duarte claims Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne are rude on Below Deck.
Bruno does not have fond memories of Captain Lee or Mary Anne. Pic credit: Bravo and @CaptainLeeRosbach/Instagram

Bruno Duarte from Below Deck has dropped a bombshell claim about Captain Rosbach and his wife, Mary Anne.

Hot on the heels of the Season 5 deckhand revealing some harsh realities about former chief stew, Kate Chastain, comes Bruno’s thoughts on Captain Lee and his wife.

Bruno got real on the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, spilling all sorts of tea about his time on Below Deck.

Not the pleasant person viewers see on TV

Bruno declared that Captain Lee and Kate would avoid him because he wasn’t American. They were very cold from day one of filming.

The deckhand recalled the captain and former chief stew making jokes about Bruno’s accent frequently. It made Bruno feel uncomfortable around them, especially Captain Lee.

As for Captain Lee’s wife, Mary Anne, Bruno said she was very bad. He recalled a night that Mary Anne joined them for dinner. She didn’t speak to or even acknowledge Bruno all night long.

Another shocking allegation Bruno made was that Captain Lee forced him to eat cake soaked in alcohol. It was at dinner. Bruno shared he was trying to make an effort with the captain, who Bruno revealed was tipsy.

“He started to be a little bit tipsy in, and he literally forced me to take two spoons of his dessert, which was soaked in alcohol. It was like two fingers of alcohol-soaked on top of it. And he knew I wouldn’t drink because I don’t like alcohol,” Bruno stated.

The next day Bruno felt extremely sick and put off by the entire situation.

Bruno has nothing to say to Captain Lee

If Bruno ever ran into Captain Lee again, he would say nothing to him. The Below Deck alum doesn’t even think he would say hi to the captain.

“Just simply nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m that kind of a person that if that person has done nothing to me, that would change my life in a good way. I literally have nothing to say,” Bruno expressed.

Bruno Duarte didn’t have a positive experience on Below Deck or with Captain Lee Rosbach. The former deckhand has nothing good to say about the captain, his wife Mary Anne or Kate Chastain. He was put off by all of them, their attitudes, and the fakeness of the Bravo show.

It is safe to say that Bruno won’t be returning for another stint on Below Deck anytime soon.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.