Brody Jenner calls out ‘fake’ Brendan Morais for Bachelor in Paradise antics

Brody Jenner calls Brendan Morais a fake after Bachelor in Paradise
Brody Jenner goes off on Brendan Morais after Bachelor in Paradise drama. Pic credit: ©

There seems to be no end to the people that Brendan Morais has upset with the way he acted this season on Bachelor in Paradise and now, even Brody Jenner is speaking out.

Jenner is no reality TV newcomer, having got his start on The Hills and even making appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians over the years. When it comes to Bachelor Nation, it’s pretty clear that Brody is a fan and he keeps up with the Bachelor in Paradise stars on social media because he had his own video response to Brendan Morais’ most recent apology.

It’s safe to say after hearing this that Brody won’t be buddying up with Brendan because he did not mince words.

What did Brendan Morais say?

Brendan’s latest apology came more than a week after he quickly dumped Natasha Parker as soon as Pieper James got to Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise.

In it, Brendan apologized to Natasha again, not only for giving her the cold shoulder but for the insulting way that he did it, claiming that she had no other prospects to date there anyway and then complaining to Pieper about how “annoying” she had become while he was waiting for her to get there.

Despite the in-depth video, which clocked in at more than seven minutes, and all of the sincerity that he could muster, it doesn’t seem that Brendan was able to do much for his image after getting exposed to ABC viewers, especially if Brody Jenner’s response is any indication.

Brody Jenner blasts Brendan Morais

Brody Jenner started his video with the claim that “everyone is asking” for his “Bachelor in Paradise pro…thoughts on Brendan’s apology.” We’re not sure who all was asking but we got a response and it was scathing.

“I smell bulls**t, okay,” Brody began in his BIP rant about Brendan. “The guy got busted, he knew what he was doing. He went there with the intention of being America’s little (finger quotes) America’s favorite couple, we’re gonna fall in love on TV, We’re gonna get some air time, we’re gonna get our followers up. You know they got busted talking about it.”

“He did use Natasha. You know, I don’t think he felt any of that he was just trying to stay on… poor Natasha. I love you, Natasha (kiss)… And it was f**ked up. And he was busted and now he’s trying to backtrack. But the reality is, everybody knows you’re a fake. Don’t ever come on Bachelor in Paradise and disrespect the guidelines ever again, my friend.”

And if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the comments section from the @bachelornation.scoop repost on Instagram was just as juicy. From the surprise that Brody Jenner is watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise to total appreciation for his hot take, it’s clear that many BIP fans agree with Brody’s take on Brendan’s apology — they aren’t buying it.

Instagram comments on Brody Jenner's video

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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