Natasha Parker passes Brendan Morais with her Instagram followers after Bachelor in Paradise scheme backfired

Natasha Parker rests against pillows
Natasha Parker’s following keeps growing as Brendan Morais’ following keeps dropping. Pic credit: ABC

Natasha Parker has Bachelor Nation’s full support and it shows through her giant increase in Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, the tables have turned for Brendan Morais, who appears to have gone on BIP with the sole intent of promoting himself, highlighting his already established relationship with Pieper James, and boosting his social media following. 

After being completely exposed for his ulterior motives, Brendan’s scheme has seriously backfired. As Brendan continually sheds followers by the thousands, Natasha has officially surpassed Brendan in followers and has a larger following than Brendan even had before Bachelor in Paradise revealed his true colors. 

Natasha Parker gains more than 300,000 followers in a few short days 

Natasha carried herself with more class and balance than most would in her situation. She experienced blatant gaslighting from Brendan and was disrespected by both him and Pieper, yet she was still able to express her frustrations in an honest and mature manner. 

Viewers respected Natasha for the way she conducted herself and they came to her defense in droves after hearing the appalling comments Brendan and Pieper made towards her. 

Since Brendan and Pieper seemed overly concerned with their followings, Bachelor Nation chose to send a message by unfollowing them in mass. 

As the public withdrew their support from Brendan and Pieper, they flocked to Natasha Parker’s Instagram page and followed her as a way to show their love and support for the lovely Clickbait cohost. Natasha has had a massive increase in followers over the last few days since the telling episode aired. 

Before the notorious episode, Natasha only had around 88k followers. Now, a few days later, Natasha has a whopping 398k followers and counting. 

Natasha gains more followers than Brendan and Pieper combined

At 398k followers (at the time this was published, she’s still climbing), not only does Natasha have more followers than Brendan and Pieper currently have combined, but she also has about 50,000 more followers than Brendan had before he ruined his fan-favorite reputation. 

Coming into Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan has about 349k followers with high hopes of BIP growing his social media platform even more. 

Brendan now currently sits at 258k followers, meaning he’s lost around 91,000 followers in less than a week. Even after Brendan issued a quick apology, his following has continued to drop, with viewers finding his apology to be insincere and too little too late. 

Amidst all the drama, Natasha has continued to conduct herself graciously and has expressed being very touched by all the love and support she’s received from fans and followers. 

As time goes on it seems Natasha’s following and shine will continue to deservedly rise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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