Natasha Parker is a better person than most of us after Brendan Morais betrayed her on Bachelor in Paradise

Natasha Parker on Bachelor in Paradise
Natasha Parker has been more than graceful after Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Big props to Natasha Parker for being the bigger person after getting played by Brendan Morais on Bachelor in Paradise.

On Monday night, we all watched as Pieper James arrived in Mexico, and Brendan quickly lost interest in Natasha and proved he really only had eyes for Pieper all along.

That was a sharp contrast to Brendan’s previous claims that his relationship with Pieper was only casual and that they hung out a few times before the show.

After a bit of digging, Natasha learned that Brendan and Pieper had spent time together way more than “a few times” and that they were even together right before his flight to Mexico to be on the show.

Further fueling the latest BIP drama, Brendan and Pieper spent the latter part of last night’s episode laughing about what had happened, with Brendan even going so far as to claim that he hadn’t really hurt Natasha because she had no other prospects that he felt he was holding her back from by coupling up to keep himself safe until Pieper arrived.

Bachelor Nation hates Pieper and Brendan right now

The fallout after the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise has made Pieper and Brendan the biggest villains this season in a surprise twist. Pieper made sure to bring up her Instagram follower count, even talking about how many followers she had after Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and how many she had before filming Bachelor in Paradise.

All of this Instagram follower talk has Bachelor Nation stewing because she and Brendan definitely didn’t join the show for the right reasons. And the best part about it is that karma struck quickly because after the latest episode, both Pieper and Brendan have been losing Instagram followers at warp speed.

Natasha Parker takes the high road

One person who had all the reason in the world to blast Brendan and Pieper for what they did is Natasha Parker.

After hearing the rumors that Pieper and Brendan were a couple before Bachelor in Paradise, she asked him about it. And Brendan firmly denied the claim, telling Natasha that what they had was “casual” as he downplayed the seriousness of his relationship with Pieper. A seriousness that was more than obvious to anyone who tuned in to watch.

Rather than taking a shot at Brendan, who is already getting trashed by Bachelor Nation, she decided to take the high road.

In her Instagram stories she wrote, “Cheers to the support, and to anyone who felt triggered tonight. If you know me, then you know I trust God above all and I do not wish hate for anyone. No hate is how I keep my vibration at a place of peace. Sending love to everyone who texted, dm, commented or called me tonight, the virtual hugs were much needed and so appreciated.”

Pic credit: @natashaparker/Instagram

It seems that Natasha’s cool demeanor after getting played by Brendan and Pieper has won her quite a few new fans and ironically enough, followers. According to Social Blade, Natasha Parker’s Instagram following has increased by nearly 95,000 followers overnight, giving her a current total of 187,000 followers.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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