Brendan Morais and Pieper James are still losing Instagram followers after bragging on Bachelor in Paradise

Brendan and Pieper laugh on a day bed
Brendan and Pieper’s poor behavior costs them thousands of followers. Pic credit: ABC

Ironically, Brendan Morais and Pieper James thought their BIP scheme would gain them massive amounts of followers and positive publicity but it has done just the opposite.

Monsters & Critics previously reported how the conning couple had lost thousands of followers after Monday night’s episode. Brendan and Pieper’s following has dropped significantly more since then, as people withdraw their support in droves.

Brendan and Pieper’s following rapidly declines

Before Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan had nearly 350k followers and Pieper had around 88k followers.

After the episode, Bachelor Nation did a mass unfollowing of Brendan and Pieper, causing them to speedily shed thousands of followers by the hour.

Now, two days after being exposed, Brendan and Pieper’s accounts continue to have a steep decline.

Currently, Pieper has lost almost 10,000 followers, bringing her following down to 78.3K.

Losing followers at an even greater speed is Brendan, whose manipulative ways turned off plenty of fans. In just two days Brendan has lost about 76,000 followers and currently has 272k.

Initially, Brendan and Pieper had both left smug posts about their ulterior motives and appeared unapologetic about their immensely disappointing behavior.

However, as Bachelor Nation continues to reprimand them and their followings continue to take a nosedive, Brendan and Pieper have kept fairly silent on social media, apart from Pieper’s attempt to clear their name — which many found to be a flimsy excuse, including her fellow BIP castmate Deandra Kanu.

Natasha Parker’s following massively increases

Both Bachelor Nation and stars within The Bachelor franchise are making a clear statement that they are fully Team Natasha.

As Pieper and Brendan’s following continues to dismally dwindle, Natasha has seen her following take a huge leap upwards and she now has more followers than Brendan and Pieper.

Before Monday’s shocking episode, Natasha’s following was around 89k.

Now Natasha’s following has risen exponentially as she’s gained a whopping 236,000 more followers, bringing her to a current total of 325k followers in just two days.

With the rapid rate that Brendan and Pieper are losing the followers they so desperately wanted, Natasha could be on track to gain more followers than Brendan and Pieper combined as time goes on.

After exposing their true colors and their poorly executed plan for more followers, Bachelor Nation is holding Brendan and Pieper accountable and unfollowing more and more each day.

It looks like Brendan and Pieper’s plan will only continue to backfire as the BIP cast will likely be calling out Brendan and Pieper’s deception in the upcoming episode as well.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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