Brendan Morais gets blasted by Bachelor in Paradise fans after admitting he’s here for the wrong reasons

Brendan Morais frowns
Brendan Morais gets called out by Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

In one of the more jarring episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan Morais’ true colors were revealed and the calculated model appears to be leaning into the villainy. 

Following the episode, Brendan’s recent social media post saw him sarcastically embracing that he came to paradise with questionable intentions and ulterior motives. 

Bachelor Nation has become visibly outraged by Brendan’s arrogant post and plenty of viewers have flocked to the post in order to share their disapproval and disdain. 

Brendan Morais causes an uproar with his controversial post 

It seems Brendan was unaware that fans would be in no mood for an unapologetically tone-deaf post from him after the episode, similar to how he appeared unaware that his mic was picking up on all his hurtful comments in paradise. 

Brendan and Pieper’s transparent scheme for fame and followers has been backfiring even more as time goes on, especially with their following rapidly declining.

As viewers turn on the couple, both of their comment sections have received an influx of jabs. Brendan’s snarky post features a photo of himself in a pool, alongside a caption that reads, “Here for the wrong reasons” with a winking emoji.

Viewers did not take Brendan’s taunting lightly, especially after the way he was portrayed to have manipulated, blindsided, and gaslighted Natasha upon Pieper’s arrival in paradise. 

On top of an outpouring of snake and trashcan emojis being left under Brendan’s post, fans have been expressing how they have lost all respect for a man who was once a fan favorite. 

Brendan’s comment section is flooded with disappointed fans

Some viewers commented about how shady Brendan’s behavior was and how, despite Brendan’s claim that Natasha had no other male options, she actually can do a whole lot better than Brendan and deserves better. 

Instagram comment under Brendan's post
Pic credit: @alissab6/Instagram

A fan didn’t hold any punches when they shamed Brendan and Pieper for not just dating “like normal people”, and going on this show with the sole desire for publicity and a boost in their careers. 

Instagram comment under Brendan's post
Pic credit: @laurennmnnm/Instagram

In the comments, Brendan was accused of going on BIP just for a paycheck and a free vacation as well as for wasting people’s time and being heartless and insincere. 

A critic threw some serious shade when they asked if Brendan’s real reasoning for going on BIP was just to avoid paying for the engagement ring that winning couples receive if they make it to the end of the season. 

Instagram comment under Brendan's post
Pic credit: livia.lauren_/Instagram

These are just a small sampling of the blunt and fiery comments Brendan has received since being exposed on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Brendan may have embraced being “here for the wrong reasons” but it seems fans are no longer interested in embracing Brendan. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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