Natasha Parker says she was ‘played’ and ‘manipulated’ by Brendan Morais on Bachelor in Paradise

Natasha Parker wears black and a red lip
Natasha Parker calls out Brendan Morais for scheming at her expense. Pic credit: ABC

Natasha Parker didn’t mince words when sharing her thoughts on Brendan Morais’s poor behavior during the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

After the BIP cast came together to kick Chris and Alana off the island, Natasha knew it was time to call Brendan and Pieper out for their scheme and reveal how Brendan manipulated her. 

Natasha Parker brings a team to confront Brendan Morais 

Bachelor Nation had been eager for the BIP cast to rally and confront Brendan and Pieper in the same way they confronted Chris and Alana, and this week it finally happened. 

Toward the start of the episode, Natasha sat with fellow cast members Demi Burnett, Riley Christian, Maurissa Gunn, Deandra Kanu, Jessenia Cruz, and Joe Amabile.

Natasha informed them about Brendan and Pieper’s many lies and ulterior motives. She explained to the cast that Brendan had been deceitful and “completely downplayed” his relationship with Pieper just to receive Natasha’s rose and stay in paradise until Pieper arrived. 

The cast members were shocked and appalled to learn that Brendan had lied about how many times he hung out with Pieper before coming on the show, including that he was with Pieper just a day before arriving in paradise. 

Fed up, Natasha and a slew of cast members approached Brendan and Pieper and confronted them about being in paradise for the wrong reasons. Brendan and Pieper continued to be defensive and show their true colors when they reacted disrespectfully to anyone who called them out. 

Yet again, Brendan and Pieper exposed their desire for followers and their mean-spirited views of various women in the cast. After pouting about being in the hot seat, the pair decided to leave paradise for good. 

Natasha expressed feeling that Brendan and Pieper leaving was the right choice since they’d just be wasting people’s time even more if they stayed. 

Natasha receives a special rose 

Natasha was vulnerable about how Brendan hurt her in her confessional, sharing, “I was played and manipulated. It’s messed up. It’s really messed up.” 

However, despite experiencing so much turmoil, Natasha’s night ended on a positive note. 

Bartender Wells Adams made a heartfelt speech about how Natasha had her opportunity for love torn away because two people broke the one rule of paradise, which is to be single. He then revealed that Natasha was automatically going to get a rose that night so that she could have a second chance at the love she deserves. 

Natasha emotionally accepted the rose and Bachelor Nation celebrated Natasha finally being cared for. 

Both Natasha and fans seem more than happy that Brendan and Pieper will no longer be around to lie and spread negative energy in paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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