Now Chris Conran and Alana Milne are under fire after Bachelor in Paradise fans claim they dated before the show

Bachelor in Paradise fans speculate Chris Conran and Alana Milne are the latest to enter the beach for the wrong reasons. Pic credit: ABC

The latest to enter Bachelor in Paradise for reportedly the wrong reasons are Chris Conran and Alana Milne.

Chris shocked Bachelor Nation when he stole Jessenia Cruz from fan-favorite Ivan Hall earlier in the season and formed one of the strongest connections on the beach.

That was until Alana Milne arrived.

The VIP party was drama-filled

Last night, only select members of the cast of BIP were invited to a VIP party hosted by guest host, Tituss Burgess. However, a twist was added when four new girls came to try their chance at a connection while at the star-studded party.

“I’m not happy that Alana is here,” Jessenia told producers when as she recognized newcomer Alana Milne walk in. “She’s also interested in Chris and she kind of threw herself at him in San Diego, which wasn’t a good look I feel.”

It seems like Chris and Alana had a stronger attraction than his supposed solid connection to Jessenia as the night ended with Chris and Alana making out on the dance floor and Jessenia leaving the party in tears.

Grocery Store Joe accused Chris of coming to Paradise for the wrong reasons

While everyone thought Chris and Jessenia had one of the strongest connections in Paradise, that changed within one party.

Both cast members and viewers felt his actions were disgusting and that kissing Alana in front of Jessenia was out of line.

The actions of Chris were questioned again when he mopped around until his tune changed when Alana returned to the beach with a date card.

The group came to an accord that like other perpetrators of this crime, Pieper James and Brendan Morais, Alana and Chris came to Paradise for the screen time and to further grow their social media presences.

Revealing that Chris tried to pick his brain about how he built his popularity, Grocery Store Joe has a good guess that, “I almost feel like Chris really came out here with a playbook, a strategy.”

“You know, the purpose of this show is, if you’re single you come here to find someone and hopefully fall in love,” Joe continued. “If you’re dating someone in real life, then you don’t because there would be no point, there would be no purpose to this.”

Bachelor in Paradise fans claim they dated before the show

Bachelor Nation is pretty much in agreement with Grocery Store Joe on this one.

One user shared a photo that summed it up perfectly, “If you met before Paradise and are interested in each other, don’t come to Paradise.”

The first clue that hinted toward an existing relationship was Alana and Chris kissing sharing an intimate kiss during their very first conversation at the party.

Speculating they entered Paradise for a free stay in Mexico, “That kiss happened too fast, Chris and Alana might be another vacation couple,” one critic assumed.

Viewers ultimately agreed with Deandra Kanu‘s opinion when she told producers in her confessional, “This is feeling a little Brendan-y and Pieper-y”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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