Brendan Morais issues another apology after losing over 83k Instagram followers over Bachelor in Paradise drama

Brendan Morais on Bachelor in Paradise
Brendan Morais issued a lengthy video apology after Bachelor in Paradise drama. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais may be the most hated man in Bachelor in Paradise history but there’s no argument that he’s the biggest villain of Season 7. As Brendan’s Instagram following continues to plummet, the Bachelor Nation bad boy is apologizing… again.

As some Bachelor in Paradise fans may remember, when Brendan issued his written apology, he promised more to come and he delivered just that with a seven-minute apology video that he posted on Friday.

Interestingly enough, Brendan’s apology was posted to Instagram, where he has already lost a total of 83,220 Instagram followers in the last 30 days, according to Social Blade.

And despite Brendan’s insistence that he didn’t show up to film Bachelor in Paradise this season in an effort to boost his following, we’re betting he hopes this latest apology will at least slow down his really bad losing streak.

Brendan and Pieper ended up leaving Mexico “on their own terms” after Joe Amabile and his group of “disgruntled females” (as he called them in the confessional) came after him wanting answers.

Brendan Morais apologizes… again

Brendan Morais has a lot to be sorry for after nearly ruining Natasha Parker’s Bachelor in Paradise experience by using her to keep himself in Mexico until Pieper James could get there.

In the video, Brendan said he wanted to give “context and clarity to the situation” that shook Bachelor in Paradise this year and he also offered up an apology with compliments for Natasha Parker.

Even though they’d already been in Mexico for a few weeks before Pieper even showed up, Brendan (who seems to have a thing for downplaying situations) called it a “handful of days.”

From there, he explained his relationship (or lack thereof, according to him) with Pieper and how they were not an official couple but he admitted that he told her that he hoped to see her in paradise. Don’t forget that both of them have now confessed that they saw each other the day before he flew out to film.

Brendan Morais did apologize for hurting Natasha Parker

Brendan did apologize profusely for the things he “said to Natasha and about Natasha,” all of which not only upset Natasha but seemingly everyone else watching the ABC dating series. Especially the part about Natasha having no other prospects, another thing he tried to downplay and explain away in this apology video.

“Pieper and I were not in an exclusive relationship,” Brendan insisted. “I absolutely went to Paradise a single man. As far as Pieper and I having this big, elaborate plan, I’m not the smartest person in the world, for sure, but I feel like it would have gone just a little bit better than it did if we had this plan. Of course, it went horrible in every way.”

The video, taken from Brendan’s car, is lengthy at seven minutes. Still, it’s worth a listen so that Bachelor Nation can form their own opinions about whether Brendan was being sincere this time around. After all, we haven’t forgotten the things that Brendan said to Pieper on camera about Natasha being “annoying” as they joked and chatted about their social media following.

Natasha has since called Brendan out, claiming she felt “played” and “manipulated” by him. She has seen a huge increase in her Instagram following in the wake of the Bachelor in Paradise drama while Brendan and Pieper both have seen their follower counts dwindle.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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