Brendan Morais manages to make Bachelor in Paradise fans hate him even more, leaves Mexico on his ‘own terms’

Brendan Morais on Bachelor in Paradise
Brendan Morais is back in the spotlight on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais may have got it easy last Tuesday night but tonight on Bachelor in Paradise, the spotlight is back on him and his betrayal of Natasha Parker when he ran to Pieper James as soon as she arrived in Mexico.

Last week, the BIP cast went after Chris Conran and Alana Milne like an angry mob because they believed that Chris and Alana had a relationship outside of the show and that they joined the cast in order to grow their social media followings.

Now, Natasha is starting to push a bit harder, comparing her situation to Jessenia’s and asking the tough question: Why did Brendan and Pieper get a pass but Chris and Alana did not?

And with five women headed home after the rose ceremony, it wasn’t a tough task to get several others on board this time in an effort to really villainize Brendan. We couldn’t help but notice Tituss Burgess and all of his sarcasm when he suggested that no one else couldn’t possibly be there for the wrong reasons, right?

Joe Amabile leads the charge again

Good ol’ Grocery Store Joe just keeps on giving Bachelor in Paradise viewers reasons to love him. Just like with Chris and Alana, Joe led the charge, flanked by a group of BIP ladies who were ready for instant karma.

Brendan and Pieper looked terrified as Joe and his “mob” made their way over to the daybed of deceit (or at least that’s what we’re calling it because Brendan and Pieper are on it.)

It’s worth noting that Brendan did absolutely nothing to redeem himself when confronted, and he was still trying to talk his way out of this mess when Bachelor Nation seemingly turned their collective backs on him all at once.

The more Brendan tried to convince everyone that he was there for the right reasons, the more apparent it became that he absolutely was not. He even admitted (finally) to spending his final day before flying to Mexico with Pieper, so he knew she was going to be there and was just biding his time,

Even Demi Burnett sounded like the voice of reason when she suggested that Brendan and Pieper probably should have explored their relationship at home, rather than come to Mexico and pretend like they are “open to the process” of meeting and getting to know other people.

When it became apparent that they weren’t going to win anyone over, not Joe and his “mob” or Bachelor in Paradise viewers at home, he cut everyone off and said that he had “nothing more to say on the matter.”

Then, he went to the confessional and called the women “disgruntled females” and ranted about their attempt to “discredit” him before taking another really low blow at Natasha. It didn’t go over well on Bachelor Nation Twitter.

The smartest thing that Brendan and Pieper did all season was leaving Mexico “on their own terms,” which weren’t really their own considering that everyone in Mexico with them and at home wanted to see them go.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers are ready to send Brendan Morais packing now too

In fact, Brendan’s bad behavior on tonight’s episode really makes his very recent apology look even more insincere. And like one Twitter user said, “It was ~not~ nice knowing you, turtleneck.” It’s unfortunate that Pieper James didn’t even get through a single rose ceremony in Mexico but she did say that she didn’t regret any of it.

Another responded to Brendan’s “disgruntled females” comment with a meme that said “GTFO!” and we’re pretty confident that a lot of people watching tonight will agree.

In fact, a lot of people took offense to the term “disgruntled females.”

This all has worked out well for Natasha Parker, who now has a much larger social media following than Brendan Morais or Pieper James, both of whom saw their follower counts drop drastically amid all the drama.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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