Briana DeJesus teases ‘quiet before the storm’ on next season’s Teen Mom 2, critics think she’s pregnant

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus forewarned her fans of a “storm” coming on the next season of Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus warned her fans of “the quiet before the storm” and it has Teen Mom 2 fans wondering what ‘s going on in her life.

A post Briana shared on social media over the weekend has some Teen Mom 2 fans wondering if she has some new baby daddy drama going on in her life.

Briana’s tweet hinted that she’s been struggling to hide some big news from Teen Mom 2 fans, but she didn’t divulge any details.

Briana DeJesus teases dropping a bombshell on next season of Teen Mom 2

Briana took to Twitter on Saturday, Nov. 20 to tell her followers, “I’ve been trying my hardest to stay low key about what’s been going on in my life from social media ?”

“Being in the public eye is not for the weak,” Briana continued, “but I call this time ‘the quiet before the storm’ bc soon my new season will air and then it’ll be out there for the world to see ?.”

Briana’s tweet got Teen Mom 2 viewers wondering what exactly “it” is that will be revealed next season on the show.

A curious Teen Mom 2 fan took to Reddit to create a thread titled, “Any guesses on what Briana has been keeping quiet about?” asking other fans of the show what Briana might be hiding, and they included a screenshot of her tweet from Saturday night.

Teen Mom 2 viewers guess Briana DeJesus is pregnant

Many of the commenters on the thread guessed that Briana has been hiding a third pregnancy which will play out on next season’s Teen Mom 2.

“Honestly I’m guessing baby number 3,” wrote one Teen Mom 2 fan on the Reddit post.

Another Redditor proposed an interesting scenario that would surely ignite viewers’ interests when they commented that Briana is pregnant with her nemesis Kail Lowry’s baby daddy, Chris Lopez’s baby.

“She is Chris’ new baby mama,” their comment read.

teen mom 2 viewers surmised that briana dejesus has been hiding a pregnancy and think it will play out on teen mom 2 next season
Pic credit: u/vivalasmidwest/Reddit

“She’s totally pregnant,” wrote another Teen Mom 2 viewer who thought Briana is keeping baby number three under wraps.

One Teen Mom 2 fan felt that Briana will be surprising viewers with some legal drama regarding the defamation lawsuit filed against her by her castmate, Kail Lowry.

“Hmm.. I’m guessing this legal drama between her and Kail will be filmed or discussed on the show. Yawn,” the Redditor commented.

Over the summer, Briana confirmed that she was filming for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 when she shared a pic of one of MTV’s cameramen filming in her kitchen.

Since Teen Mom 2 has been on hiatus, Briana has been busy dealing with health issues. She was recently diagnosed with lupus, an incurable autoimmune disease that comes with a battery of negative side effects and limited treatments available.

Also, Briana’s youngest daughter, four-year-old Stella, has been to the emergency room and has to wear a heart monitor 24/7 after she had some issues stemming from holes in her heart at birth.

MTV has yet to announce the premiere of the next season of Teen Mom 2, but viewers will be waiting to see what big secret Briana has been keeping from her fans and critics.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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