BIP: Blake Monar faces backlash for ‘gross’ response to Tia Booth drama

Tia and Blake film for BIP
Bachelor in Paradise star Blake Monar is facing backlash for his response about “refusing to simp” for Tia Booth. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Blake Monar is under fire for not only how he handled the Tia Booth situation on-screen but for how he handled it off-screen.

Blake took to Instagram after his explosive fight with Tia Booth aired to express his outlook on the situation.

Rather than using the time after filming to reflect and mature, he has come up with a defense that viewers find to be quite questionable.

On his Instagram story, he wrote, “When you refuse to simp after knowing someone for three days…”

He uploaded a picture of himself flexing at the gym. In the picture, he’s seemingly grunting as well as wearing a shirt that reads “Yee Yee” to complete the aesthetic.

Urban Dictionary defines the slang term as “a male is overly submissive to a female and gains nothing from it. So overly submissive that other guys cringe and feel ashamed when seeing them.”

It’s a controversial term that many feel has sexist undertones so Blake took a big risk using it.

His risk seemingly hasn’t paid off as he deleted the story within 24 hours of uploading it.

However, one Reddit user captured the story and uploaded it to the site to scrutinize it.

“Blake’s take on his situation with Tia. Every girl’s dream,” the user sarcastically wrote.

Bachelor Nation is not happy with Blake Monar’s ‘gross’ response

The thread welcomed a flurry of comments criticizing Blake’s upload.

“Gross,” one user wrote. “Count your blessings Tia, that was a big Bullet you dodged.”

Another user admitted they were Team Blake up until seeing his upload.

“I was all set to defend him after Tia was totally vague and demanding without clarifying what she wanted but that feeling suddenly winked out when I saw this,” the user stated.

Another brought up how he overreacted in the moment of the show, implying they thought he was in the wrong from the start.

Reddit comments about Blake's Insta story
Pic credit: u/Alternative_Lie2506/Reddit

Another user condemned the term “simp” and pointed out the problem with Blake using it to defend his behavior.

“It’s so embarrassing to see grown men acting like being emotionally available or considerate to your romantic interests is somehow bad,” they wrote. “The use of the word ‘simp’ is just icing on the embarrassment cake.”

Another viewer felt that Blake was being hypocritical by using the word.

“Ironic because didn’t he also say during their convo ‘If you just tell me what you want from me, I literally would do anything in the world, Tia.’ But no, he refuses to simp,” they stated.

Reddit comments about Blake's Insta story
Pic credit: u/Alternative_Lie2506/Reddit

What went down between Tia and Blake on Bachelor in Paradise

Tia Booth found herself in a love triangle on the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Last week, James Bosnall had given her his rose and she felt like he was a nice guy.

However, Blake Monar had Tia weak in the knees when he entered.

He asked her on a date and, in her own words, he “made her vagina dance.”

With the rose ceremony coming up, Tia had to choose which man she would give her rose to.

James made the effort to set up a special moment with her ahead of the rose ceremony where they got to know each other better.

Blake, however, reportedly hadn’t been talking to Tia or making much of an effort.

When he stated he felt like he was doing enough and implied that he didn’t need to go above and beyond, Tia lost it and claimed he certainly hadn’t been doing enough and needed to put in more effort.

She then went on to thank James for the effort he was putting in and kissed him in front of Blake.

It seems likely that Tia will be giving her rose to James, but viewers will have to tune into next week’s rose ceremony to know for sure.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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