Does Tia Booth pick Blake or James on Bachelor in Paradise?

Tia Booth puts her hands up
Tia Booth has to make a difficult decision between two men on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

As Bachelor in Paradise nears the end, many couples seem secure in their exclusivity and no longer have eyes for anyone else. 

Tia Booth is one of the few women that remain undecided, and she recently found herself at the center of a complicated love triangle with James Bonsall and newer arrival Blake Monar. 

With an important rose ceremony coming up, Tia will have to make the difficult decision of who to give her rose to, and the latest episode provided some insight into who she picks. 

Tia Booth feels torn between Blake Monar and James Bonsall 

Initially, Tia had her eye on Kenny but when Kenny decided to rekindle with Mari, Tia began to build a bond with James Bonsall. 

James Bonsall was particularly thrilled about his connection with Tia because his time in paradise had been very rocky up to that point, with some fans blaming his troubles on his excessive use of hair gel. 

While Tia had some interest in James, she immediately became smitten with Blake Monar when he arrived in paradise because he fit the tatted “bad boy” type that she’s always drawn to. 

Tia nicknamed Blake “Tatty Daddy” due to his plentiful tattoos and on their one-on-one date, Tia was very candid and explicit about how much physical chemistry she felt with Blake. 

It seemed Blake would be a shoo-in to steal Tia because of how much excitement and attraction Tia felt towards him, however, the two hit a rough patch in the last episode. 

Tia wants to choose whoever gives the most effort 

With the women having the power during the upcoming rose ceremony, James stepped his game up and treated Tia to a thoughtful date where the two learned more about their hometowns. 

Tia was very appreciative of the effort James put into their date and she later confronted Blake for not putting in the same amount of effort. 

Tia and Blake’s confrontation escalated into a more heated argument with Tia wanting to feel more pursued and Blake feeling like his care for her should be obvious. The pair couldn’t seem to get on the same page about how to actively pursue this relationship. 

Their conversation didn’t end on a good note and Tia was later shown making out with James, which could be a bad sign for Blake’s future in paradise. 

Tia Booth will make her official decision during the rose ceremony next week and it’ll likely be one of the more suspenseful moments of the episode since her rose is one of the few that’s up in the air. 

For now, it seems James could be Tia’s surprise pick but her soft spot for the “Tatty Daddy” could bode well for Blake. Tune in next week to see Tia make her official pick. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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