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Big Brother vet Mark Jansen jokes about quarantine experience

Mark Jansen
Mark Jansen was part of the BB19 cast in summer 2017. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 19 cast member Mark Jansen took to social media to joke about being stuck at home.

With most of the country getting stay-at-home orders from their states, it has been a chore for some people to figure out what to do while in the self-enforced quarantine.

When it comes to people who have participated in Big Brother on CBS, they have a unique understanding of what it is like to be locked in a house for days, weeks, and months on end.

Typically, a cast is sequestered and then put in the house, with the latest seasons lasting roughly 100 days. The people who make it to jury switch houses, and the final three reside in the same house all summer.

When Mark played as part of the Big Brother 19 cast, he survived eight weeks in the primary house before getting voted out. Then, he spent the rest of his summer in the jury house awaiting the final vote.

The note below is what Mark posted to Twitter on Friday:

Mark is right in his assessment. At least college students can come and go from their residence halls or apartments. People in the Big Brother house can’t venture anywhere until their season has come to an end.

Big Brother Canada canceled

When the coronavirus outbreak really got started, the current season of Big Brother Canada was underway. There was a lot of debate on social media about what producers should do. Eventually, they decided that the cast needed to be told.

The Big Brother 8 season in Canada was canceled shortly after the cast became aware of what was going on. It was a very disappointing end to the season for the BB8 cast and the fans at home.

It’s also not the only season that was ongoing, as countries like Germany had also been conducting their social experiment behind closed doors. Back in the United States, there is still time to work on casting calls for the summer.

Big Brother 22 questions

There has been no announcement from CBS about whether the network still plans to air the Big Brother 22 season this summer. It had been announced that it was going to happen, and the plan was to have host Julie Chen return.

Nothing has changed yet, but the current state of the country has already impacted things. Recently, casting calls for the BB22 houseguests had to be canceled, which is why there are questions about what might happen next.

Hopefully, the country finds some normalcy again before the Big Brother 22 season premiere would arrive at the end of June.

Big Brother 22 should return to CBS in summer 2020.

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