Big Brother updates: Spoilers from feeds following Memphis eviction includes new HOH, noms, and POV plans

Nicole Franzel BB22 Final Four
Nicole Franzel has made it all the way to the final four on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother cast has been busy in the time following the eviction of Memphis Garrett.

There is a new Head of Household, the nominations have been announced, and there has even been a Luxury Competition.

Now, the final four from BB22 each have plans on what they would do with the Power of Veto this week.

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Big Brother updates from live feeds

On the last episode of the show, Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore voted to evict Memphis Garrett. He became the seventh member of the BB22 jury.

Late on Thursday evening, the final four houseguests (Enzo, Cody, Nicole Franzel, and Christmas Abbott) then took part in a new HOH Competition.

Who is the current Head of Household?

Enzo has become the HOH for the second time this season. He was pretty pleased with his efforts and there was a bit of drama on the feeds when Nicole complained to Cody about how Enzo had won.

We will have to wait to see how the HOH Competition played out in full until the Monday episode of the show, but it’s intriguing to think about how Enzo could have won a chess-based challenge.

Who did Enzo nominate for eviction?

On Friday, Enzo hosted the Nomination Ceremony. Christmas and Nicole are now on the block as a result.

Enzo also met with Cody and told him that he plans to honor their final two deal and go all the way to the end as partners. Cody agreed to that deal, but he may still plan on keeping his pact with Nicole for the final two.

A surprise Luxury Competition

The final four houseguests also got to take part in a Luxury Competition on Friday. They dressed up in their BB Comics costumes and played for a $10,000 prize.

It isn’t quite clear how all the details worked — the live feeds were down as they played — but Nicole and Memphis won $10,000. It seems the final four each got to pick a BB22 jury member that they played for.

After the Luxury Competition was over, Christmas could be seen crying about not choosing to play with Memphis.

We will also likely get to see the Luxury Competition play out on the Monday episode – unless this is something getting held back for the special Friday night episode on the CBS schedule.

Power of Veto plans

If Enzo wins the POV, he wants the nominations to stay the same. That’s the same plan for Cody, who is not on the block. As for Nicole and Christmas, they both want to take this chance to get off the block.

If Christmas wins the POV and Cody ends up on the block, Christmas will have the only vote in the house. She has a deal with Nicole, so that might be the end of the line for Cody.

It’s a really important Veto Competition that will be played out at some point on Saturday.

More Big Brother news

There have been some exciting revelations about Big Brother 23 taking place next summer. Applications are now open and people who want to become houseguests can already start applying. It’s great news to know that the BB23 casting is already underway.

That seems to go hand-in-hand with Celebrity Big Brother rumors that have also been popping up. A celebrity from Bachelor Nation has already thrown her hat into the ring in an effort to make the cast. Could we see a winter season of Celebrity Big Brother 3? We can only hope.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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