Big Brother spoilers: Does BB23 cast have an Endurance Challenge as next HOH Competition?

BB23 Cast Like Yoga
The Big Brother 23 cast is preparing to play in an Endurance Challenge. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers point toward the BB23 cast playing in an Endurance Challenge very soon. In fact, it may be what the houseguests have to go through for the next Head of Household Competition.

During the Thursday, July 29 episode of Big Brother 23, the houseguests are going to send someone home. Brent Champagne or Britini D’Angelo will be getting a ticket back to the real world, where they will join previous evictees Brandon “Frenchie” French and Travis Long.

Once the Eviction Ceremony has come to a close, Julie Chen Moonves will meet with the evicted houseguest and everyone else will prepare to play in the Week 4 Head of Household Competition.

Based on what has been taking place on the Big Brother live feeds, it looks like the houseguests are preparing to play in their first Endurance Challenge of the summer.

Big Brother spoilers: Time for an HOH Endurance Challenge?

On the Big Brother live feeds Alyssa Lopez keeps referencing that an Endurance Challenge might be taking place tonight, a drone photo from above the Big Brother studios appears to show the construction of a large HOH Competition in the backyard, and this is about the time when a Big Brother cast would get to play in a lengthy challenge.

Other houseguests are also seemingly preparing for the “live” show by wearing workout clothes rather than fancy outfits, suggesting that they all sense that it is time to play for the power through an Endurance Challenge.

How can Big Brother fans watch an Endurance Challenge on July 29?

First off, nothing has been confirmed about an Endurance Challenge, and the houseguests may be wrong in their guess about one taking place on July 29. Casts have been wrong before, but quite a few of the current houseguests are convinced the next challenge will involve endurance.

If it does turn out to be an Endurance Challenge to decide the new Head of Household, it will likely not finish during the July 29 episode. This means one of two things. It could either mean that the challenge will be available for subscribers to watch on the live feeds or it could mean that the challenge is played in secret and the results won’t be known until later.

We really hope that if the BB23 cast is playing its first Endurance Challenge that we actually get to watch it take place on the live feeds. That would be a good treat for fans, especially the ones who think Big Brother 2021 is boring. Janelle Pierzina even called BB23 a “snooze” recently.

When viewers tune in at 8/7c on Thursday, July 29 for the new episode, it will likely be mentioned early whether or not the HOH Competition will be completed during the hour or if the BB23 cast will just be getting started with things.

There are quite a few plans in place for Week 4 nominees on Big Brother 23, so there is a lot on the line when it comes to winning the HOH power this time around. In fact, several houseguests may need to win the power or risk being the next houseguest sent home.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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