Big Brother schedule: This week is Zingbot, next week airing on Friday

Tiffany Won BB23 HOH Twice
Tiffany Mitchell has won the Big Brother HOH Competition twice during summer 2021. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother schedule this week includes a huge Double Eviction night where two of the current houseguests are going to get sent to the jury house.

Getting to that Double Eviction is an accomplishment for everyone playing the game, but surviving the night will only be possible for the final six members of the BB23 cast.

The Big Brother schedule this week also includes an appearance by Zingbot. The robot comedian will appear on Wednesday, September 8, as the BB23 cast is shown playing for the Power of Veto again.

The Zingbot episode was pre-taped, so live feed viewers already know the results of the Veto Competition, but fans will want to tune in to hear what Zingrbot has to say about the new cast this year.

Big Brother schedule for this week on CBS

Below is the list of episodes that will air on CBS over the next week or so. There are a few things to note, including the episode for this Sunday night (September 12) starting a bit later than usual. We also added the Friday night episode that is coming up on September 17.

  • Wednesday, September 8 (8/7c)
  • Thursday, September 9 (8/7c – Double Eviction)
  • Sunday, September 12 (8:30/7:30c – note it starts 30 minutes later)
  • Wednesday, September 15 (8/7c)
  • Thursday, September 16 (8/7c – two hours long and confirmed as at least Double Eviction)
  • Friday, September 17 (8/7c – unique Friday night episode)

Spoilers and news about Big Brother 2021 season

The summer 2021 season of Big Brother is going to come to an end before the month of September is over. It means we are that close to learning who is taking home the $750,000 prize and who America has chosen as their favorite houseguest from the BB23 cast.

And inside of the Big Brother house, it has been a very interesting week for live feed viewers. First, we watched as Tiffany Mitchell told Claire Rehfuss about protecting The Cookout. Then, we saw Tiffany and Kyland Young spend the night together in the HOH Room, leading to a lot of showmance chatter on social media.

Both events will lead to a lot of footage that can be shown during the next few episodes of the show. At the same time, we are all still left with questions about how The Cookout will react when there are only six people left in the game. Will everything become more cutthroat? And who will emerge as the Big Brother 23 winner?

Make sure not to miss an episode on the Big Brother schedule, because things are about to get really interesting.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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