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Big Brother live feeds update: Houseguests, new HOH scramble after twist

The Cookout BB23
The Cookout is calling the shots again on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds were quite busy during the overnight hours and that has continued through the morning after Christian Birkenberger was set home on a 7-2 vote.

A new Head of Household has been crowned, a twist has been released on the house, and fans of the show have been taking part in the first incarnation of America’s Vote this summer.

Going back to the beginning, there are just 11 people left playing the game and each one of them has at least made it to the BB23 jury. That led to a higher level of excitement in the Big Brother house until a new Head of Household Competition was played.

The new HOH was crowned after the eviction episode took place, so it won’t be shown until the Sunday, August 15 episode of the show. It’s going to be a very full episode because that’s also when we should see the High Roller’s Room opened and the next Nomination Ceremony takes place.

Big Brother live feeds spoilers

Kyland Young is the new Head of Household. He won the power for a second time this summer and now he gets to target two people outside of The Cookout. That’s already the plan moving forward for Week 6 on Big Brother 23, but they are nervous about the twist that host Julie Chen Moonves told them about.

Voting has closed for the first round, but fans had been allowed to vote on who they feel should receive money to play carnival games that are located in the new High Roller’s Room. Those games will yield prizes that could definitely impact how the game is played and some houseguests are very worried.

The common thought among members of The Cookout is that Alyssa Lopez must have the most fan support since she has so many Instagram followers with her swimsuit company. It has people very worried that Alyssa will get the most money to play with each week that she remains in the house.

The twist also has Kyland and The Cookout deeply concerned about who they can put on the block at the same time. He will absolutely not put Alyssa and Claire Rehfuss on the block at the same time due to that paranoia. Maybe it is founded, since we don’t know the voting results yet, but this doesn’t seem like a twist that will lead to Alyssa and/or Claire getting the most support from viewers.

There was even a plan by Kyland to have the house vote anonymously on who should go up on the block this week and that if he didn’t like it, he would just change it.

Who are the nominees from Kyland on Big Brother 23?

As for the official nomination plans, it looked like Kyland and the rest of The Cookout were preparing for Claire and Sarah Beth Steagall to be the initial nominees for eviction in Week 6.

Claire would be the target in that scenario, with The Cookout being fine if Sarah Beth was also sent to join the BB23 jury. No matter how the initial plans shake out, Kyland is working to get Claire out this week, so plans regarding the person on the block next to her could fluctuate.

It’s going to be a very busy few days in the Big Brother house, especially with a Nomination Ceremony, the Veto Competition on Saturday (August 14), and the High Roller’s Room finally opening up. It means we could see a lot of fresh Big Brother spoilers coming from the live feeds over the weekend.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 8/7c on CBS.