Big Brother live feed spoilers: Dani gets asked why she gave Janelle a vote

Dani In BB22 DR Session
Daniel Donato was seen on the Big Brother live feeds deflecting vote questions. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother live feed spoilers reveal that someone is on to Daniele Donato about that vote she gave in support of Janelle Pierzina.

Dani and Enzo tossed out votes against Kaysar Ridha at the Eviction Ceremony, making them the only two BB22 cast members to go against the house.

But they don’t want anyone else to know that. They are even lying to each other about it. And it was all part of a plan.

For most of the day, people have been asking questions about the rogue votes, tossing around guesses about who did it, and getting suspicious of each other.

Meanwhile, Dani and Enzo have been laying the groundwork to blame other people.

Who asked Dani about her vote for Janelle?

Daniele Donato, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Christmas Abbott were all hanging out together for a bit on Friday afternoon. When Christmas got up for a minute, Da’Vonne took her shot, asking Dani why she gave Janelle that support.

Dani was caught off guard, tried to deflect, got a little defensive, and decided it was time to unnecessarily lie again.

Check out a rough summation of the conversation below:

Dani And DaVonne BB22
Da’Vonne asked Dani an important question. Pic credit: @BB_Updates/Twitter

They chat briefly about it before Daniele decides to toss out names. She claims that she thinks it was Memphis Garrett and David Alexander who made the rogue votes.

Dani also claims that Memphis and David are the only two people that make sense in this situation.

Da’Vonne isn’t buying it, but she hasn’t revealed that to Dani quite yet. But Dani has to know, right?

Here is a video of the conversation playing out on the Big Brother live feeds:

More Big Brother live feed spoilers

If you were wondering why Da’Vonne and Daniele are in close enough proximity to have conversations like this one, it is because they are both Have-Nots for the week. It could end up leading to some volatile feelings in that room if secrets get out this week.

And if you don’t know who won the Head of Household Competition last night, that was Enzo Palumbo. He found a way for the primary alliances to maintain power for another week and he already has some plans he wants to carry out at the Nomination Ceremony.

We will all learn the names of the two nominees by the end of Friday (August 28), which will lead to some additional Big Brother live feed spoilers to report on. It’s time for a pawn, though, so start predicting who it might be this week.

And as for Janelle Pierzina, she already gave an information-packed interview outside of the house.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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