Big Brother live feed spoilers: A houseguest says they have a 187 IQ

The BB22 Cast Rolls On
Former houseguests were brought back to compete again on BB All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds presented a quirky moment when one of the houseguests was asked what their IQ (intelligence quotient) was and the answer might seem a bit unbelievable to fans of the show.

Tyler Crispen was hanging out in the backyard with Cody Calafiore, Daniele Donato, and David Alexander when the topic came up.

It ended up leading to a humorous reference to when Chicken George was roaming the halls of the Big Brother house.

But first, there was that conversation about IQ levels.

Who says they have an IQ of 187?

As shown in the video clip below, David boasted about having an extremely high IQ when the question was posed to him by Tyler.

For live feed viewers who have been watching David get confused about things since Day 1 of Big Brother All-Stars 2, that might be a tad difficult to believe.

What does having an IQ level of 187 actually mean?

The average IQ level is around 100 to 116 with a score (depending on the test or scale being used) above 130 considered to be a high IQ level.

About 98 percent of people score below 130. Slightly more than two percent score above 130 and are considered outliers.

Anyone with an IQ over 160 is considered to be a genius and anyone above 180 is considered to be “profoundly gifted.” There is no scale above 180 because those are considered to be the most intelligent people on the planet.

Setting the bar on the overall chart is writer Marilyn vos Savant, who reportedly has an IQ of 228.

According to Reader’s Digest, Albert Einstein had an estimated IQ of 160 and Leonardo Da Vinci had an estimated IQ ranging from 180 to 220.

Does David really have an IQ of 187?

We will leave it to the readers to decide if David Alexander really has an IQ level that high. We don’t have anything to refute the number other than his appearances on two seasons of Big Brother.

As for the game itself, David has not been very good at it. When he revealed all of Tyler’s secrets to the rest of the house, he also put himself in a terrible position. And the constant questions about the game itself have been odd.

His lack of knowledge about Big Brother probably stems from David getting recruited to play on the show – he didn’t actually apply.

At least he is getting paid really well for his Big Brother All-Stars appearance, so he was definitely intelligent enough to take advantage of his reality show fame.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7C on CBS.

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