Big Brother news: David Alexander says he was recruited for show

David BB22
David Alexander is part of the BB22 cast. Pic credit: Michael Esham/CBS

Big Brother news from the live feeds includes David Alexander speaking quite a bit to members of the BB22 cast. He was a social butterfly during his first night back in the house and that might help him last longer than he did on Big Brother 21.

David was sent home first by Jackson Michie and the rest of the BB21 cast, but many viewers really liked him and the production team decided to bring him back for another season. Now, he actually gets to play the game and he doesn’t appear to be at risk of getting nominated in Week 1.

Quite a few BB22 cast members stayed up until the early morning hours, with game chat and introductions continuing well past 3 a.m. inside of the house. Some people tried to get to sleep, but many of the returning houseguests couldn’t help but continue to talk game.

Early on in the Big Brother live feeds coverage, David was seen having a long chat with Kaysar Ridha, Ian Terry, Janelle Pierzina, and Kevin Campbell. Could this turn into a larger alliance moving forward?

David and Daniele Donato chat

While lounging around just after 3 a.m. on August 6, Daniele Donato asked David if he applied to be on the show. He let her know that he was recruited to be on the show and that he didn’t go through the application process.

For anyone who has watched a lot of the live feed coverage from Big Brother, it’s easy to guess what happened next. Production took the feeds down, likely to give the statement “you are not allowed to talk about production” that a lot of houseguests have heard over the years.

Instead of showing fishtanks when the feeds are taken offline, this time there is still image of a painting with stars on it. It’s obviously there to represent the second All-Stars season, but it’s far less pleasant to look at it than the fish.

Back to what David said, though, as there are typically two ways for a person to make it on to a Big Brother cast. It is either done through the application process or the person is discovered by someone from the casting department who thinks that they could be good on the show.

Can David Alexander do well on BB22?

It’s already really interesting to see how David maneuvers in the house and it does look like he plays a good social game. As with most houseguests, he is going to need to win some competitions to make sure that he sticks around for a while.

Can he find the right alliance members to last deep into the summer 2020 season? We will all have to continue watching to find out!

Big Brother All-Stars returns August 9 at 10/9c on CBS.

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