Big Brother spoilers: Kaysar Ridha holds court, makes BB22 allies?

Kaysar BB22
Kaysar Ridha is someone to watch on the BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the overnight hours may include Kaysar Ridha making some key allies within the BB22 cast.

After Cody Calafiore showed off his Head of Household Room, some of the cast members splintered off. It led to a group chatting in the loft together.

During the move-in episode, Cody even noted that he might need to worry about Kaysar when Julie Chen asked him questions, and that could end up being the case.

Kaysar Ridha holds court

In a deep conversation that took place on the Big Brother loft, Kaysar chatted with Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, and David Alexander for quite a while. Janelle Pierzina was also out there with them.

It was a very interesting dichotomy because those five BB22 cast members chatted quietly while some of the people remaining in the HOH Room got very loud.

Viewers who were watching the Big Brother live feeds on the quad-cam definitely got to see/hear the difference in the two conversations. Is this some foreshadowing for a house split that could be coming very soon?

Kaysar and Ian definitely exude a lot of maturity – plus, they think through their strategies for a while before putting something into play. Could that be a duo that is worth watching for the rest of the summer?

Earlier in the night, Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato hung out a lot together, showing that they are definitely going to be a prominent duo within the BB22 cast.

It’s these subtle things that are worth paying attention to until the lines officially get drawn. The first lines will come from Cody Calafiore, as he will soon have to nominate people for eviction.

Can the Kaysar-Janelle alliance survive?

Any of these Big Brother All-Stars that watched all of the seasons know that Kaysar and Janelle have a long history of working together. They were part of the BB6 cast together before they returned for BB7 and could certainly be easy targets for younger members of the BB22 cast.

The duo would need to start picking up even more allies to try to survive the first Eviction Ceremony, but it could be tough if Cody decided to nominate both of them in Week 1.

The Nomination Ceremony may arrive soon, but it’s not completely clear how the production schedule will work as the episodes get rolling.

As a reminder, the next episode on the Big Brother schedule doesn’t air until Sunday night.

Big Brother Episode 2 airs August 9 at 10/9c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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