Big Brother recap: Tyler is gone, but the show must go on

Christmas Playing HOH Comp
Christmas Abbott really wanted to win the HOH Competition on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother All-Stars aired tonight and revealed what happened after Tyler Crispen was sent to the BB22 jury.

As a reminder, Tyler was evicted on a unanimous vote, taking the cast down to its final five.

The episode began with a long recap of important events that had happened, working up to the Head of Household Competition they started playing shortly after Tyler got sent to his meeting with Julie Chen Moonves.

Quite a few Diary Room sessions were shown as the houseguests were competing to win the balancing challenge. It covered how each one of them was feeling and how they all really wanted the power.

Big Brother All-Stars: Season 22, Episode 29 recap

Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett played for the HOH as Cody Calafiore watched on.

Almost the entire first segment showed the four people as they tried to balance their pumpkins in those baskets, and it went to the first commercial break without any resolution.

While Christmas, Nicole, and Memphis found a rhythm to placing the pumpkins, Enzo couldn’t really get a feel for it.

Christmas got within two pumpkins of winning the HOH challenge and was really upset when she had to start all over after one of her pumpkins rolled out.

Memphis also started making headway but had one of his roll out when he turned his back. Those mistakes allowed Nicole to pull way ahead.

Nicole went slowly and was able to finish first. Nicole became the new Head of Household.

Nomination anticipation and a time to make deals

Enzo was celebrating Nicole’s win and told Nicole and Cody that they needed to get Memphis out this week. He was really excited about not going on the block, and Nicole quickly put his mind at ease.

There was then a lot of filler in the episode, including Nicole showing off her HOH Room and a comedic moment of Christmas walking in on Enzo while he was using the restroom.

Nicole got a letter from Victor Arroyo, and she read it out loud as the other four houseguests watched on. She also got a new picture of Victor, who looks a lot different from when he played the game on Big Brother 18.

Memphis was then shown meeting with Nicole, promising Nicole safety if she kept him off the block this week. He also said he had no alliances in the house, but Nicole already knew about the Wise Guy alliances.

Nicole’s Nomination Ceremony

There weren’t any surprises at the Nomination Ceremony, as Nicole said early in the episode that she would be putting Christmas and Memphis at the block. And that’s exactly what she did.

Nicole Franzel nominated Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott for eviction. Neither houseguest seemed very pleased about winding up on the block, but that’s the way things settled.

That brings an end to our Big Brother 22, Episode 29 recap. We have a recap of all the spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds for readers who want to jump ahead. It covers everything up till the next Eviction Ceremony.

Since his eviction from the house, Tyler Crispen has been doing post-game interviews, and we compiled a few videos.

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