Big Brother recap: The Committee takes another step toward winning season

Cody Final 6 HOH B22
Cody Calafiore has already been the HOH three times during Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

This Big Brother recap comes from Season 22, Episode 28, on October 8. It’s one that covers an important Eviction Ceremony, where the BB22 cast has to decide whether to evict Christmas Abbott or Tyler Crispen from the game.

During the Wednesday night episode (October 7), CBS viewers were shown that Cody also won the Power of Veto this week. It gave him the chance to keep the nominations the same for the week.

Cody ended up leaving Christmas and Tyler on the block. It was not what Tyler wanted to see, and he knew he might be in trouble at the next Eviction Ceremony.

CBS viewers also got to see Nicole Franzel getting really upset with Tyler, but not everything was shown. Nicole was also seen on the Big Brother live feeds calling Tyler a snake. And, yes, we think she is about to vote Tyler out.

Big Brother Episode 28 recap

There was a lot to cover during the “previously on” segment that opened the night. It included going over everything that happened during the Triple Eviction – Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Daniele Donato were sent to the BB22 jury.

Viewers were also teased that some footage of the jury house was coming and Dani was shown reacting quite bitterly.

Host Julie Chen Moonves then took the stage with her “but first” segment, about who was really aligned.

Cody had the first Diary Room session and spoke about why he kept the nominations the same. His final two deals with Nicole, Enzo, and Memphis made his decision easy.

Tyler spoke in the DR that the best move for everyone else was to vote him out, but that he was still going to fight to stay in the game.

Christmas seemed pretty confident and that led to some disdain shown from Nicole, Enzo, and Cody about her being too happy.

Alliances in question

Cody and Enzo had a conversation where they expressed their worries about Memphis in the game. They felt that he would protect Christmas over Nicole and that it wasn’t clear if they could trust Memphis down the road.

It also seemed like an easy way for the producers to create some drama in the episode, as it worked its way into footage of Cody and Enzo suggesting that maybe they should evict Christmas instead of Tyler.

BB22 jury segment

Ian Terry and Da’Vonne Rogers were shown in the jury house discussing some things. Da’Vonne said Nicole snaked her and she told Ian about that rogue vote. Ian said he wasn’t going to hold a good game move against Nicole.

Kevin Campbell then joined them a bit later in the segment. They chatted for only a few moments before David Alexander joined them. Then, Daniele Donato arrived, confirming the Triple Eviction and presenting a lot of information to chat about.

Dani had a lot of negative things to say about Nicole as she showed the tape from the Triple Eviction episode to everyone in the jury house.

Eviction Ceremony

Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott stated their cases about remaining in the game and then it was time to vote.

Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett all voted to evict Tyler. He now heads to the BB22 jury and the final five is set.

Tyler then went out to meet briefly with Julie and answer some quick questions. He also got to see some goodbye messages, including one from Enzo that might just earn him Tyler’s vote if he makes it to the final two.

HOH Competition

The new Head of Household was not crowned during the episode. We do have a live blog of the event up and running that will present the results as soon as we learn them.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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