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Nicole Franzel calls another Big Brother houseguest a snake in tirade

Nicole Won BB18
Nicole Franzel was invited back for Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel came back for BB All-Stars 2 and has survived long enough to make it to the final six houseguests.

On Sunday, though, she shared some thoughts with Cody Calafiore about recent days in the game and called out someone else for being a snake in the house. It was right after Cody commended her for everything she has done in the game. (What?)

As most Big Brother fans already know, Nicole has long had the nickname “snake” within the walls of the house. It’s also something she has been called quite often on social media this season.

Now, it seems like she wants to pass that nickname on to someone else, and she is undertaking efforts on the Big Brother live feeds to make it a reality.

Nicole calls Tyler Crispen a snake

“Like, if I’ve ever played with a snake, that’s one,” Nicole said about Tyler while talking to Cody. “The slimiest snake I’ve ever played with.”

Cody asked her “in what ways” and she was more than happy to continue the conversation.

“Everything. I don’t know. I’ve seen through him since Day 4,” Nicole continued. “I mean I cried for a week because I wanted him gone, because, I said, when Ian was on the block.”

“And not just because Ian was my whatever. I said in there for the first time I feel like I don’t see myself going to final two if he stays in this house because I just think he is the slimiest mother freaker,” finished Nicole.

She wasn’t done, though. Nicole later said, “I just can’t believe people think I’m a snake when that’s a snake. I’m like a cute garden snake. I’m like a garden snake. And I’m like harmless. Yeah, he’s got poison in him.”

Cody added to the end saying, “He’s got venom in his veins.”

The conversation all took place beginning at roughly 1:35 p.m. PT (house time) on Sunday afternoon.

Some Big Brother spoilers about events in the house

Part of the conversation we didn’t address above — because it contains some Big Brother spoilers — is that Nicole is already planning out her goodbye message to Tyler. She even stated that she is going to be mean enough in it that she will never receive Tyler’s jury vote.

As we previously reported, there is a new Head of Household and a plan in place for the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night. It’s the end of the road for another BB22 houseguest.

And don’t forget, there are no more Sunday night episodes on the Big Brother schedule.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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