Big Brother All-Stars: Janelle Pierzina confirms Daniele Donato bought her dress

BB22 Cast Watching The Drama
The Big Brother 22 cast is creating a lot of drama on social media. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars might be more interesting on social media than inside the house. Janelle Pierzina has now confirmed that Daniele Donato bought her Big Brother 7 finale dress to wear during the Season 8 finale.

Recently, we reported about how it was a hot topic of discussion on social media that pictures appeared to show Janelle and Daniele wearing the same dress on the show. Our article also showcases the images.

As the story went, Janelle wore a fancy dress to the finale of BB All-Stars 1, and Dani was a huge fan of her on the show.

It was rumored that Dani bought the dress due to how much she liked Janelle and that she then wore it when she appeared on the show the following season.

Janelle posts on Twitter about Big Brother dress

Taking to her Twitter account, Janelle has now weighed in with her thoughts on that infamous dress. She got right to the point when responding directly to another fan of the show.

Dani has frequently been talking (so has Nicole Franzel) about Bayleigh Dayton wearing some clothing that Janelle left behind for her in the house.

A fan wrote, “Does Dani want an article of Janelle’s clothing or something? Why does she keep questioning if Bayleigh was gifted that sh*t. Ya’ll coulda been Sisterhood of the Traveling Jean Jacket but you were too busy tryna dethrone people #BB22.”

A lot of people responded to the post, including Janelle, who wrote, “She already bought the dress I wore in All Stars and wore it to her finale. She is bothered that I adore Bayleigh and would give her anything she wanted from my closet.”

Janelle Comments On BB22 Dress
Janelle from BB All-Stars 2 addressed that infamous dress. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Janelle had a few more things to say about Dani and that dress.

She wrote, “It was for sale years ago on eBay for charity and she bought it.”

And responding a comment about the size, Janelle wrote, “It’s was a stretchy XS. I definitely filled it out better.”

That should just about put an end to all of these debates about whether or not the dress was the same one, but it’s also safe to assume that Dani is going to weigh in when she gets out of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother All-Stars turns boring inside the house

The show itself is struggling a bit, with the Big Brother ratings taking another dip post-Janelle. Fans are starting to tune out with some posting online that they find it boring.

As for what is taking place on social media this season, that seems to be where the excitement resides. Some of the recent stories include Janelle posting that Nicole is charging $3,000 to attend her wedding, Evel Dick Donato writing he is having a hard time rooting for his daughter (Dani), and Natalie Negrotti from BB18 saying she would vote for Paul Abrahamian to win if she could do it over again.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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