Big Brother All-Stars 2020 spoilers: A new alliance could be powerful

Christmas Abbott On Big Brother 22
Would Christmas Abbott be surprised by a new BB22 alliance? Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 spoilers have been pretty prevalent over the past 24 hours and that also includes an intriguing alliance that may be solidifying within the BB22 cast.

There are a few spoilers ahead, so be prepared to learn about who won the Safety Competition and who got nominated for eviction this week before the revelation of that new alliance.

Memphis Garrett is the Week 2 Head of Household and he has been acting odd with the power in his hands. Some fans and other BB22 cast members felt he went too far with his Have-Not announcement and Nomination Ceremony.

In regard to that Week 2 Safety Competition, Christmas Abbott won the challenge in the Safety Suit and picked Ian Tery to be safe for the week.

Then, at the Nomination Ceremony, Memphis nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander for eviction.

A powerful new BB22 alliance?

There are a lot of alliances in the Big Brother house this summer. We put together a list of the most noticeable ones, but new ones are sure to form in the coming weeks.

Following the Nomination Ceremony and before the Week 2 Veto Competition took place, two Big Brother houseguests sat down and began strategizing.

Daniele Donato and Janelle Pierzina discussed a number of strategies with each other, including how they could keep people in their individual alliances under control amid the latest chaos.

The video below shows one chat that they had in the early hours of Saturday morning:

The key to this particular discussion was Janelle and Dani each stating that they would not target the other one. The conversation got quickly interrupted, though, and each lady went back to their own alliance with stories of distrust.

Then, today, Dani and Janelle had a chance to sneak away again, where Dani tried to protect Nicole Franzel to Janelle, but also seemed to further the possibility of their duo.

After Janelle and Dani had chatted several times, Dani went back to Nicole F. with some information from that discussion, revealing a lot about what they had chatted about.

Janelle and Kaysar fractured alliance?

Janelle is good at Big Brother. She appears to be working hard behind-the-scenes on a lot of different things. When she chatted up Kaysar later on Saturday, she talked down Dani but didn’t reveal that she would be trying to protect her potential new alliance member.

Janelle isn’t being honest with Kaysar, suggesting she is trying to cement more than just one strong alliance to get deeper into the game this season. If she finds a way to work with Dani under the radar — and Nicole Franzel by extension — maybe a strong all-girls alliance could surface for the first time since Big Brother Over The Top.

At the same time, Dani may be pretending to work with Janelle so that she doesn’t get targeted by that side of the house. It would help her to keep Janelle as an ally, but is that what Dani plans to really do here?

Stay tuned, because both women may just be acting it up to each other in order to stay off the block. Outside of their meetings, Janelle Pierzina has talked badly about Daniele Donato and Dani has suggested backdooring Janelle.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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