Did Memphis Garrett cross the line at Big Brother 22 Nomination Ceremony?

BB22 Memphis
Memphis is the new BB22 HOH and he is making waves. Pic credit: Tim Lahr/CBS

Memphis Garrett caused a lot of drama in the Big Brother 22 house with what he did at the Nomination Ceremony today.

For readers who don’t want to learn about the spoilers that were revealed on the live feeds in regard to the nominees, this is the point to read one of the other articles on the site.

Earlier in the day, the Safety Competition was played, with Christmas Abbott winning safety. She also chose Ian Terry as her plus one, so they were safe from eviction from the week.

With Christmas and Ian unable to go on the block, it seemed like Memphis was a bit stressed about who he was going to nominate. There were questions he didn’t answer for his alliance members before he hosted the ceremony.

What did Memphis say at the Nomination Ceremony?

It’s also worth mentioning that Memphis was a bit rough when he explained to David Alexander that he would be a Have-Not for the week. Each person who was a Have-Not in Week 1 got to pick someone to be a Week 2 Have-Not. Memphis picked David.

Then, at the Nomination Ceremony, Memphis nominated David and Nicole Anthony for eviction. From the reactions from other members of the BB22 cast and the emotional state that David was in following the Nomination Ceremony, it seems that Memphis may have crossed a line when telling David why he was nominated.

Below is the video of a chat that Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton had with David shortly after nominations:

BB22 David Fan
BB22 fans are defending David. Pic credit: @ABookWithLuv/Twitter

Part of what Memphis allegedly said to David, both when he spoke to him about Have-Nots and also when he nominated him is shared in the Twitter post below:

Memphis Words On BB22
Was Memphis disrespectful to David on BB22? Pic credit: @BB_Updates/Twitter

Social media really upset with Memphis Garrett

We may not find out the exact words that Memphis used to David until the Nomination Ceremony is presented on the August 16 episode of the show. It will be interesting if CBS shows the full speech and chooses not to edit the words Memphis used.

There are some fans on social media suggesting that Memphis even used the word “boy” toward David, but that is not something that has been verified.

Here is Memphis speaking right after the Nomination Ceremony, noting that he might have been “harsh” in the speech:

David spoke to the cameras about everything that took place and here is what he said:

David To Camera On BB22
David Alexander spoke to the BB22 cameras. Pic credit: @BB22LiveFeeds/Twitter

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3 years ago

David does need to put on his big boy panties and stop trying to make everything a racist thing, so he can make it through life easier.

3 years ago

Get Memphis out of the game!!! Racist. DAVID IS NOTHING BUT RESPECTFUL.

3 years ago

With the world as crazy as it is you would think that a grown ass man would realize you can play a game yes you heard right a game you don’t have to be disrespectful to another human being