Big Brother 25 spoilers: Image leaked of zombie puzzle or HOH Comp?

Jared And Cameron Zombies
Jared Fields and Cameron Hardin want to play Big Brother 25 again. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds may have leaked an early look at the zombie puzzle.

Jared Fields or Cameron Hardin will deal with it on Thursday night (September 28).

After the fake Double Eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves told Jared and Cameron they weren’t done yet.

The duo returned to the house as zombies. And then they began playing in a Zombie Challenge to rejoin the game.

The winner of the Zombie Challenge gets an advantage. They will decide who will compete in a puzzle challenge on Thursday night.

If the person doing the puzzle completes it within the time limit, they return to the BB25 cast. The other person goes home.

A sneak peek at the zombie puzzle?

Below is an image from the backyard. This screen grab from the live feeds shows crew members working on a challenge that fan site HamsterWatch has called a “zombie revival comp” for Thursday night.

In the past, a houseguest has had to disassemble a puzzle in one location, transport it to a second location, and put it back together. That might happen again.

Update: The above image may not have been of the Zombie Challenge.

A second tweet was made by HamsterWatch late on Wednesday. Maybe this is a peek at the upcoming HOH Competition?

During the Big Brother 20 season, Kaitlyn Herman got evicted.

But Kaitlyn didn’t get sent home. Instead, she got to compete in a challenge to save her game.

That challenge involved a puzzle of herself. Kaitlyn had to disassemble the puzzle, move it, and reassemble it before time ran out.

Kaitlyn could not finish the puzzle in time, leading to her elimination. Many Big Brother fans felt it was a simple puzzle and were shocked Kaitlyn failed.

Below is a video of Kaitlyn trying to complete that puzzle on BB20.

More news from Big Brother

It’s possible that the Big Brother producers intentionally leaked the footage with the BB25 puzzle. Fans got a glimpse of what’s coming on a day when there is no new episode.

Dates and times for upcoming episodes have shifted at CBS due to the Fall 2023 schedule.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

Fans interested in more spoilers can read on.

A new eviction target has emerged on the BB25 live feeds, suggesting Cirie Fields could be safe now. She may have done a great job at getting off the radar of other players.

Meanwhile, Jared blamed Cirie for the secret Blue might know. He fears she is getting close to revealing the mother-son secret.

Jared gaslighting his mom is similar to when Jared told her that Izzy Gleicher may have spilled the beans

Previous episodes from Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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