Jared Fields throws Izzy under the bus, lies to mom on Big Brother

Izzy BB25 Eviction
The Big Brother 2023 cast featured Izzy Gleicher. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 has never been short on drama.

And now more chaos has surfaced with Jared Fields lying to his mom about Izzy Gleicher.

Izzy was sent home in a one-sided eviction vote, taking the hit for her three-person alliance with Jared and Cirie Fields.

Izzy also kept their secret, declining to reveal that she knew about the mother-and-son duo.

Jared thanked her immediately by pushing Izzy under the bus in an unconventional manner.

It was an odd choice to lie about it to his mom because she can watch the footage when the season ends.

Jared pushes a lie about Izzy

Jared has teased Blue Kim about his relationship in the house.

He also impressed upon her that his mom is playing Big Brother.

But Jared took the easy way out and alluded to Felicia being his mom while also dropping hints that could lead Blue to figure out the truth.

Now, Jared is scrambling. He appears worried that Blue will reveal the secret and that his mom (Cirie) will find out.

Jared told his mom that Izzy might have told Blue the secret. He did this to find possible safety from the coming chaos.

It’s an odd lie to spin since Cirie can watch the feeds later. And it doesn’t appear that Cirie was buying it.

The video below shows Jared attempting to blame Izzy in case information gets to the other BB25 cast members.

Game moves like this have made many Big Brother fans despise Jared in recent polls.

More news and notes from Big Brother

Since Izzy got sent home before the BB25 jury phase, she can’t defend herself to Cirie.

Meanwhile, Cirie has been crushed that she lost her best friend in the house.

The duo of Cirie and Izzy could have remained loyal until the end. They just needed to win some challenges to keep the power in their hands.

The latest drama led to Felicia Cannon making a new two-person alliance after getting slighted by Cirie and Jared. It’s an intelligent move, but is it too late to make Felicia a contender on BB25?

Some changes are coming for the Fall 2023 TV schedule at CBS.

Here is a link to the updated Big Brother schedule

Fans should note that Wednesday episodes go away as Survivor 45 debuts.

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Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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