Big Brother 25 spoilers: A new eviction target emerges

Julie Chen New Hair
Host Julie Chen Moonves was sporting a new hair style while hosting Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Scary Week may be a dead week for the Big Brother 25 cast, but the houseguests are still planning.

Zombie Cameron and Zombie Jared are battling to return to the game, with the loser of a challenge getting sent home.

But the rest of the BB25 players have had a week to strategize about what comes next, leading to shocking revelations.

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Cirie Fields was a huge target as recently as the last eviction episode.

But Cirie may be no longer the primary target of any remaining houseguest.

How is that even possible? It’s time to break down the current situation.

Who are most people targeting for eviction on Big Brother 25?

Cory Wurtenberger made a bold move by targeting Jared Fields and Blue Kim during the Double Eviction.

Cory also revealed he would use Cirie Fields as a possible replacement nominee.

The bad news for Cory was that nobody got sent home, forcing him to deal with an angry Jared, who had become part of the zombie twist.

Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, and Blue Kim have lost trust in Cory and America Lopez. While they could still reunite with the showmance, Cory and America are in trouble.

Jag, Matt, Blue, Cirie, Jared, and Cameron have all mentioned that they would target Cory if they win the next Head of Household Competition.

This situation partly evolved due to Cory and America allying with Felicia Cannon and Mecole Hayes. Is it a real alliance? It’s possible.

Cory is the outgoing HOH, so he likely won’t play in the September 28 challenge. For him to survive, Cory needs America to win something.

If America does win, she plans to nominate the remaining zombie and Felicia. Even America has taken her eyes off getting Cirie out.

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The BB25 cast doesn’t like people becoming HOH. When someone grabs power, the rest of the houseguests turn on them. It happened with Reilly Smedley, Hisam Goueli, Cameron Hardin, and Jared Fields. Now, Cory Wurtenberger is in danger.

Elsewhere, Jared blamed Cirie for the secret Blue might know. He is lying to his mother again, just like when he accused Izzy Gleicher of revealing their secret to Blue.

The upcoming episodes for Big Brother 25 have shifted dates and times. The network had to make room for Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS. Unfortunately, it still includes content airing too late on Sunday evenings.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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