Big Brother 24: Should Monte Taylor have won?

Monte Taylor HOH 2
Monte Taylor finished second place on Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 finale was a bit surprising due to how much support Taylor Hale received from the jury.

But ahead of Taylor’s speech to the jury members, Monte made the choice to go to the final two with her.

Monte won the final Head of Household Competition, adding to his already impressive challenge resume and putting him in the power position.

It all came down to Monte deciding whether he would be taking Taylor or Matthew Turner to the final two with him and who he would send to become the final member of the BB24 jury.

As we all watched it play out, Monte chose Taylor to go with him, spurring Turner and not honoring the final two deal that the two guys had in place.

So what would have happened if Monte had decided to take Turner to the end instead? Would he have emerged with the $750,000 cash prize?

Monte Taylor’s Big Brother resume

Let’s be upfront here and state that the best competition player of the season was lawyer Michael Bruner, who made things look easy along the way. Unfortunately for him, he won too many challenges and became too much of a threat to keep in the game.

Once Michael was gone, Monte became the most successful BB24 cast member when it came to challenges. He ended with three HOH wins to go along with two Power of Veto wins. That was better than the three HOH wins and zero POV victories for Turner.

Should Monte Taylor have won Big Brother 24?

Had Monte taken Turner to the final two, the BB24 jury would have consisted of Taylor, Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, Michael, Terrance Higgins, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Jasmine Davis, and Indy Santos.

In this scenario, the story would have become that the two biggest moves of the season were Monte winning the final HOH Competition and Monte also winning the Veto Competition that would send Michael packing.

Alyssa was pretty upset after Turner targeted and got her out; likewise, Jasmine was still grumpy about having her muffin stolen earlier in the season. That likely would have made Kyle anti-Turner, and Michael had stated that he would prefer a player taking credit for their moves (Monte) over Turner winning.

Discounting the friendships that have since developed following the Big Brother 24 finale, it certainly looks like Monte would have won if he had just taken Turner with him to the final two.

There are also quite a few Big Brother fans who feel that Monte should have beaten Taylor when it came to the jury votes, which is why it surprised some people that she won the final vote so easily. That debate could rage for a while, though, because Taylor fans stand their ground in stating that the right person won.

More to come from Big Brother

Some interesting Big Brother 25 rumors have already surfaced, suggesting that houseguests could be returning to play the game again.

In the world of BB24 cast members, Matt Turner is engaged and planning his wedding.

And sticking with the season that just ended, Taylor revealed that she works with Lay’s now, continuing her trend of enjoying the chips.

Big Brother 24 is available for streaming on Paramount+.