Big Brother 24 rumors: Fans having fun with amusing BB24 cast theories

BB17 Cast Playing
The Big Brother 17 cast had a lot of fun playing the game back in 2015. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 rumors are starting to fill up social media, but most of the rumors are based on jokes that fans have created. And while we wait for the official BB24 cast list, it has become a very amusing way to pass the time.

Let’s start with the facts. Julie Chen Moonves is back as the host, and she revealed that the first BB24 episode is on July 6. That Wednesday debut is going to be a 90-minute episode, followed by the first episode of The Challenge USA.

It has also been revealed that the Big Brother 24 cast is going to be all-new house-mates, meaning there will be no returners to the game. That’s a big deal, as it will infuse some more new blood into the franchise.

The producers are bringing back the $750,000 prize for the BB24 winner, so someone is going to leave the show with a lot of money in their pockets this summer.

Beyoncé on the Big Brother 24 cast?

Among the amusing rumors floating around, and one that is almost certainly untrue, is that Beyoncé is on the Big Brother 24 cast. This is due to her taking down social media images, much like how people vanish from those sites when they go into sequester for the show.

More twins on Big Brother?

Beyonce On BB24
Fun rumor of Beyoncé being on BB24 cast. Pic credit: @mattliguori/Twitter

Another humorous Big Brother rumor is that twins who are prevalent on Instagram applied to be on the show this summer. And the likely fictional rumor indicates that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes drama.

“There were a pair of IG influencer twins who made it very far into the process before one dropped out. The other twin is still in the final round of casting but to my knowledge is most likely not getting cast and is pretty pissed,” wrote Twitter user SpoilerKing.

Twins On BB24
A BB24 rumors about twins. Pic credit: @SpoilerKingBB/Twitter

The return of Frenchie to the Big Brother house?

Brandon “Frenchie” French was a part of the Big Brother 23 cast, but he ended up getting sent him second, after he pushed too hard as the first Head of Household. Frenchie has stated that he would like to play the game again, and now he has popped up in some fresh rumors.

Big Brother duos to be featured on BB24?

And then there are the more intriguing Big Brother rumors floating around, even though they have been contradicted by what production has stated about the season. One rumor has half of the cast being returners and says that contestants will play in duos. It’s an interesting thought that could present a lot of excitement.

“This season will be played in duos with 8 newbies & 8 returning 1 time pre jurors who will be linked to each other (1 pre juror with 1 newbie). How are we feeling??? #BB24,” wrote a Big Brother fan on social media.

BB24 Duos Rumor
A rumor about BB24 consisting of duos. Pic credit: @BB22Leaks/Twitter

There are bound to be many more Big Brother rumors swirling in the coming weeks that aren’t true, especially with the show getting close to starting. We will make sure to pass on any of them that can be verified.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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