Big Brother 24 live feeds update: Taylor’s finale outfit, videos from home, and a showmance

Taylor On BB24 Block
Taylor Hale won Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 live feeds have been busy, and for fans of Taylor Hale, it has been very entertaining since she won the latest Head of Household Competition.

Taylor definitely likes being in power, but before she even got her HOH Room, it was revealed that she had to put two people on the block for eviction.

With only three choices on hand, here are the BB24 spoilers about who Taylor nominated for eviction. And for Big Brother fans who really want to jump ahead, here is who won the early Power of Veto this week.

Those particular spoilers weren’t the only events taking place in the Big Brother house over the past 36+ hours, as the final four houseguests have been providing producers with a lot of footage for the upcoming episodes.

Regarding the episodes on CBS, here is a breakdown of the remaining BB24 schedule, including the quickly approaching season finale date of September 25.

But back to what has already happened, feeds reveal a very confident Taylor starting to prepare for what she will say and wear on finale night.

Taylor tries on her Big Brother finale night outfit

Since she already has a guaranteed spot in the final three, Taylor is preparing herself for finale night.

That includes trying on the dress that she has set aside for the big stage.

Videos from home for Big Brother 24 cast

The final four houseguests got to watch videos from home while hanging out in the living room. Brittany’s husband Stephen was featured in one of them, leading to some interesting questions from the other three.

This is certainly something that the producers were recording for an upcoming episode, possibly to be shown as early as Sunday night (September 18.)

The new Big Brother showmance continues

Taylor and Monte’s showmance is still going strong in the Big Brother house, and it appears to be developing into something more than just a way for them to spend their time.

Much effort has been spent trying to keep the affair a secret from Matt Turner and Brittany Hoopes. The showmance couple is doing about as well as Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans during Big Brother 20.

The duo has told each other that they are going to the end together, but are they being honest?

It will be interesting to hear what Taylor and Monte have to say about their BB24 showmance when the season comes to an end, and if it really is their true feelings that they have been sharing with each other.

Stay tuned, because there is certainly going to be some more drama coming from the Big Brother live feeds as the final three gets closer to being locked in.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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