Big Brother 23’s Whitney Williams says Gerrie Labuschagne proposed before he went on Too Hot to Handle

Whitney Williams Playing BB23
Whitney Williams was a member of the Big Brother 23 cast during the Summer 2021 season. Pic credit: CBS

Whitney Williams from Big Brother 23 just shared a huge story about how she was proposed to by Gerrie Labuschagne right before he went on the latest season of Too Hot to Handle.

Big Brother fans met Whitney as a member of the BB23 cast this past summer. She lasted 30 days in the house before becoming the fourth house guest to be voted out. Since then, she has been very active on social media.

As for Gerrie Labuschagne, he is a member of the Too Hot to Handle Season 3 cast, with that season just getting dropped on Netflix. It is now available for streaming.

Today, a big story was revealed by Whitney, who told Us Weekly that she was in a relationship with Gerrie before Big Brother 23 and Too Hot to Handle Season 3 were even filmed.

Whitney Williams speaks about her relationship with Gerrie Labuschagne

As Whitney tells the story, Gerrie reached out to her in 2020 after she shared an extensive video on TikTok.

“I had posted a video being, like, ‘This is why I’m single. I’m an entrepreneur, I have high expectations and I’m a single mom,'” Whitney told Us Weekly.

“He saw that and reached out to me and then we talked — sometimes we would talk on the phone for 12 hours a day or be on FaceTime, like, we would just set the phone down and do chores while we’re on the phone together. We’d fall asleep on the phone together. … Now I feel like it was all bulls—t,” Whitney went on to elaborate.

“He proposed to me in November [2020]. We broke up, like, a couple of weeks after that and then he started filming Too Hot to Handle about a month after that,” Whitney went on to say after also revealing that Gerrie sent her a ring and spoke to her two sons about marrying her.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 will debut soon on CBS

For Big Brother fans suffering through some withdrawals when it comes to watching the show, fear not, because CBS has brought back Big Brother: Celebrity Edition for a Winter 2022 season.

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode schedule begins on Wednesday, February 2, with a brand new group of people playing the game this winter. The official cast list will come out when the start date draws closer, but there are certainly a lot of rumors about it being shared on social media.

An interesting report also just came out which revealed that the Big Brother house has seen a big architectural change on this inside. It is something that will be immediately obvious to live feed subscribers who have watched the show for years.

Stay tuned folks, because we are very close to getting new Celebrity Big Brother content almost every night in February and meeting a brand new group of celebrities who feel they have what it takes to win the big prize money.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS. Too Hot To Handle Season 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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