Big Brother 23 cast to be all new people and the reveal is still on schedule

Julie Chen Big Brother
The Big Brother 23 cast and host Julie Chen Moonves are about to take over. Pic credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast is going to be completely new to the show, with a group of 16 houseguests all playing the game for the first time. That bit of information should come as great news to the segment of fans that don’t like to see people appearing more than once on the reality competition show.

The Big Brother 2021 season premiere is scheduled for Wednesday, July 7, which is when the CBS audience will finally get to see them all competing. The BB23 cast has also been kidnapped and quarantined already, where they are just waiting around for their big chance.

Host Julie Chen Moonves is also back for another summer. She has already been posting a lot of teasers on social media, something that she has become known for as each new season of the show gets ready to air on CBS.

As for when we are going to find out the names of the BB23 cast members, that appears to still be on the same schedule that we previously reported. It will give us all a week to learn the names and bios of the new players before the season premiere.

Confirmation of the BB23 cast reveal date

According to Twitter user SpoilerGirl1, who routinely shares spoilers about Big Brother and the soap operas that air on CBS, we can still expect the names to be revealed on Wednesday, June 30. It still seems like a long way off as the buzz for the show continues to grow, but at least the date is set.

It’s very exciting to be this close to both the cast reveal and the season premiere because then it is off to the races for a full season of fun. Big Brother 23 will air Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week, beginning with the 90-minute premiere on July 7.

The good news is that the Big Brother live feeds return for subscribers this summer. The bad news is that Big Brother: After Dark is not coming back.

More news from the world of Big Brother

Nicole Franzel is getting close to giving birth to her baby with Victor Arroyo. Nicole recently shared a video where she described the difficulties she has been going through.

Big Brother fans have been asking Cody Calafiore when he is going to propose to his girlfriend. During a recent live session online, she addressed that and Cody joked about waiting for a proposal from her.

Right before the BB23 cast got quarantined, Janelle Pierzina also gave them all some advice on how to compete. She shared some interesting tips that could help some of the houseguests if they were paying close attention.

With the confirmation that we will soon get to learn the names of everyone playing the game this summer, the buzz is only going to increase for the upcoming season. Now, we just have to be patient until CBS decides to share everything.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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