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Cody Calafiore is excited about Big Brother 23, jokes about waiting for marriage proposal from girlfriend and OnlyFans

Cody Calafiore On BB22
Cody Calafiore won Big Brother 22 and he is excited to see what the BB23 cast can do this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Calafiore celebrated “Sugar Rush Thursday” and talked about how excited he is for Big Brother 23 in an Instagram Live session and then on Twitch today. After his morning workout, he sat down and spoke with his followers about a number of topics.

During the live session, one of his followers asked when he is going to pop the question to his girlfriend, Cristie. Cody noted that Cristie “hates it” when people ask that, which brought her in from the other room to address the question herself.

Cristie clarified that she didn’t like the premise that people thought that she should be waiting around for a proposal and that she doesn’t feel most women actually do that. This was when Cody stood up for her and said that he was the one waiting around for her to propose.

Later, on his Twitch session, Cody joked about creating an OnlyFans account after a follower asked him about it. At first, he made some comments to Cristie about doing it, but then admitted that he is not interested in having an OnlyFans page.

Cody Calafiore frequently available on live streaming

The interactions between Cody and Cristie were humorous and authentic, and just one facet of the streaming that he does regularly. A number of times, Cristie has been asked questions on the streams as well, and this time she was asked if she would do Big Brother or Survivor. She said she was not interested in doing Survivor. Cody joked that she would go on The Circle.

For any fans of Cody, his Instagram Live sessions and his constant availability on Twitch is something to be enjoyed.

Cody On Instagram
Cody Calafiore spoke a lot with Big Brother fans while live-streaming. Pic credit: @CodyCalafiore/Instagram

Later during his streaming on June 24, Cody was asked if there were any former Big Brother houseguests that he really wants to meet in person. Cody listed Brett Robinson and Kaycee Clark from Big Brother 20 as two people that he thinks seem like a lot of fun and that he hasn’t met in person yet.

Big Brother 23 on the horizon at CBS

The Big Brother 2021 season begins in July and we are all excited to meet the new cast. The names and bios for the BB23 cast is reportedly coming out next week, and we definitely expect Cody Calafiore to share his opinions on the new houseguests.

Since this is going to be a season with an entirely new group of people playing the game, it will be interesting to see how the house looks and feels over the first few days and weeks. It will be a lot different than Big Brother 22 because that season had a cast made up entirely of returning people.

Luckily, host Julie Chen Moonves, who is featured on the new Big Brother logo, is going to be back to help lead the BB23 cast through the motions.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.